YES—you are HERE!!! Welcome to BlenCouragesU.com! You know, this wonderful and tough life is an open book test––God’s Word has all the ANSWERS!!

One of my favorite books of the Bible is Nehemiah. He was called to do work for God  (rebuild a wall) and even with God’s permission and critical support from many, he had naysayers, distractors, and circumstances–all determined  discourage and derail rebuilding the wall. In spite of all that, Nehemiah remained faithful to what God said, stayed on the wall working and encouraged others to do the same.

On that wise, THIS is the place where you can get a GOOD dose of encouragement, advice and guidance through the Word of God with a gentle hand, tough love, my experiences, life observations and a little humor. Thank you for stopping by, subscribing, commenting and sharing. May God bless you to be faithful and encouraged like Nehemiah to #StayOnTheWall.



What question, comment or feedback or prayer request do you have for me?


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