Room A203: Interview with Lisa Öhberg from!

Let's go behind the scenes of one of the most popular paper planner companies around>>!


Room A203 is open! Couponing 101 with special guest Tesha Brown-King!

If you are looking for a way to save and make some money, you'll want to listen to my conversation with Tesha Brown-King.

Room A203: Salad Pairings 101 [visual post]

All you wanted to know about pairing up the best-tasting salad ingredients at a glance!

Room A203: Slow cooker love with Twitter’s @DailyInfographc

Hey there BCU family! Now, I know most may be thinking the crockpot is a thing for grannies and winter. Nay, nay, I say!! This tool can be used year-round for tasty, economic meals that are ready at an eight-hour (well, sometimes 4-hour ) notice. The flavor, convenience and easy cleanup have had me sold … Continue reading Room A203: Slow cooker love with Twitter’s @DailyInfographc

Room A203: Smoothies recipes from!

Hey BCU Family! Health in ALL areas is a part of what is all about---spiritually, financially, mentally, emotionally and physically. I remember a friend of mine, Amy and I joking about going out "full", meaning with every unhealthy food and treat imaginable! 🙂 Now, don't get me wrong, Family, I LOVE my goodies and … Continue reading Room A203: Smoothies recipes from!