#ThatMomentWhen–you are attacked on your assignment!

When God gives you an assignment, He also allows some trouble to come along with it. Listen in/read up on how Nehemiah coped.


Do you act like a Christian?

Are you acting like a Christian? Is that a good thing? Read on and find out!


Hey family! As 2012 goes out and 2013 comes in, while in prayer, The Lord put in my spirit that He doesn't wait until a new year comes to bless His children. In fact, David praised God as he listed the benefits God gives in Psalm 103:1-18. Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all … Continue reading Benefits.God

Don’t miss your “flight”

Hey family, As a person who likes to fly, I am usually very fastidious about printing my boarding pass, getting to the airport early, getting my baggie with the liquids out, checking my gate, etc. A couple of months ago, I was connecting to a flight in Chicago and had a 2 hour layover. I … Continue reading Don’t miss your “flight”