Why isn’t she HELPING me serve?

Does it ever bother you when some laborers in the vineyard are not serving? Listen in for more!


BCU Q&A: Effective ministering in tough situations.

A reader asks: "How to you minister to someone who has been Holy Ghost filled, yet they don’t feel free after walking in the Lord a while?" Tune in for the answer!

When gossip strikes back…

Years ago, gossip seemed like a harmless pastime to me...until I was the target. What happened?

Ability, responsibility, and the baseball cap.

What does a missing baseball cap and the parable of the talents have to do with ANYTHING? Read on, BCU Fam, read on!

Lessons from the 2016 Election! 🇱🇷

The 2016 Election had more than one purpose--especially for the Christian. Read on/listen in to see just what that other purpose was.