BCU Resource: complimentary stewardship/time management document

Hey there, BCU Fam! Here's a time management resource we borrowed from Dwight Eisenhower with a little BCU-ness. Read the quick post for the details.


Was that blessing REALLY God’s favor? Or was it stolen?

Many of us were taught that stealing is wrong. There is a form of stealing many of us attempt and even are successful in. Is it you?

“He did what?! “Well, what where YOU wearing?”

(Warning: Listening and reader discretion is advised). 1 in 4 women have been effected by some form of sexual assault. Let's talk about it.

When getting disciplined feels unfair.

Remember being disciplined as a child? What were your thoughts after your folks got through with you? As an adult, when God is disciplining you, what's your response? Tune in as we explore this sensitive topic.

BCU Q&A: Effective ministering in tough situations.

A reader asks: "How to you minister to someone who has been Holy Ghost filled, yet they don’t feel free after walking in the Lord a while?" Tune in for the answer!