BCU Youth Squad interview: Kierra Hannon (part 2).

"Your behavior is being influenced by music". What do you think about that? Kierra Hannon is back to talk about her thoughts on music from the millennial point of view.


BCU Youth Squad interview: Kierra Hannon

*Cue fanfare* We're debuting our BCU Youth Squad podcasts this month! We're starting with college sophomore Kierra Hannon. Let's see what's on her mind!

Singles chalkboard: Haste, waste or wait.

As I am maturing in Christ, I found that running ahead of God's timing and in His permissive will causes unneeded stress, heartache and suffering. What can we do the avoid all that? Wait.

Let’s make a deal…

How many of us have traded what God said for "the hidden item" you'd ONLY find out about after your exchange?