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Let’s be honest. Sometimes this wonderful thing called life is challenging to navigate–especially for those who believe in God and want to be a good witness to God’s saving, healing, delivering and keeping power. At some point in time, many of us, (myself included), get discouraged need to hear a Word from the Lord to encourage our hearts to continue running for Jesus. That’s where this blog and podcasts come in. We’ll get to that shortly—-I just need to give you a little blog-context first.

One of my favorite books of the Bible is Nehemiah. He was called to do work for God  (rebuild a wall), and even with God’s permission and critical support from many, he had naysayers, distractors, and circumstances–all determined to discourage and derail the reconstruction of the wall. In spite of all that, Nehemiah remained faithful to what God told him to do by continuing to “stay on the wall” while encouraging others to do the same until it’s glorious completion!

To that end, what you will find here are written posts/ Scripture highlights, often accompanied in audio format (Apple Podcasts, Stitcher Radio, Google Play and SoundCloud), all written with the help of the Lord, and with the intent to encourage, enlighten, educate and sometimes entertain you. The posts are steeped in the Word of God and are 100% wholesome,  so that the entire family can read, listen, learn, share and grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Below, I decided to put my story in an infographic so you can get a better “picture” (see what I did there?) of the BCU history. I am prayerful that after reading through this page, you’ll become part of the BCU Family by subscribing to the blog and following me on the social media platform of your choice, (Facebook, Twitter Instagram or Periscope), under BlenCouragesU.  You can also contact me via email at Blen@BlenCouragesU.com. Just put “About BCU” in the subject line and we will go from there!

I am looking forward to seeing you around the blog!




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