Ministry or merchandise? The “V.I.P.” experience.

We are all freely given gifts and talents from God. Are we using those talents to minister to the lost and people of God, OR are we looking to make merchandise of people?


Break every chain…letter, meme…

If you are a Facebook user, you have seen your share of memes and/or gotten inbox messages asking, sharing or even shaming you into passing along a message of hope, prosperity or love. How should the people of God deal with these messages?

And just WHY do we need to forgive?!

Let's continue our conversation on the forgiveness struggle, what God says about it and WHY we want to practice forgiving others.

Forgiveness: Do you trust God with your pain?

My pastor often says that not forgiving is the number 1 sin among believers. Do you fall in that number? The struggle is REAL! Let's talk about that!

2017 lesson: Dealing with betrayal (part 2)

Last time we were together, we talked through a situation where I was betrayed and hurt by people whom I loved and trusted---and more importantly the lessons that the Lord taught me through what happened. Today, we bring you the second part and final part of our betrayal podcast.