#LifeApplication: Getting back to work on the wall

After fighting the battle of fear, worry, torment and tiredness, Nehemiah and his crew are now refreshed and back on the wall to work! Listen in/ read up to see how what they did applies to our assignment for God.


Can you really detox in 7 days? Read on….

Detoxing our lives is just as important as detoxing our bodies. Take a look..

Infographic: The Benefits of Drinking Water

Hey Family, With the heat and humidity of summer in full swing, our thirst increases as we try to cool down. With the plethora of beverages to choose from, "high-quality H2O" should be your beverage of choice. Check out the cool visual on water and drink up! Xoxo, Blen InfoGraphic authored by WaterCoolers Direct.com Ltd, … Continue reading Infographic: The Benefits of Drinking Water

And..the “2 Forks” award goes to…

Hey family, I pray this finds you well! No frowny faces here, thank God! A couple of weeks ago, among other things,  an opportunity and  challenge in some respects came along to eat meatless, healthy, whole and as many organic foods as possible.  While I already have incorporated things like bran cereal and brown rice … Continue reading And..the “2 Forks” award goes to…