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On the wall with Nehemiah: God’s MANIFOLD mercies!

Hey there BCU Family!

Our Nehemiah series continues with the Israelites realizing how much mercy God extended to them–even in their disobedient state. And He still continues to extend His mercy to us, but there is a price to pay for willful and continual disobedience! Listen in to see what exactly happened and why we should be mindful of the consequences of being “hard-necked”.

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What lessons can we learn from the wilderness?

Our Nehemiah series continues with the Israelites recalling their ancestors’ time in the wilderness. Sure, we may know the story, but in looking at it from Nehemiah’s recall, we can glean some VERY valuable lessons that we can apply to our lives TODAY!

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Learn from the burn….

Hey family! I was flying down the highway at 65 m.p.h (well maybe closer to 70-ish), on my way to my family’s dinner. I sped along, it seemed like the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out a posted sign that said “Speed limit 55”. I apologized to God and tried to follow the laws of the land. As I attempted to slow my roll, the other vehicles whizzed on by me without any regard to the sign. The thought came to me that everyone else was going over the limit and not getting caught…why should I obey? Then there was the “keeping up with the flow of traffic” reasoning. And when discussing this with a friend, in the spirit of justification, she said “well, the police would have to pull everyone over–they were all breaking the law.” Ummm yes, that will go over well with the officer–NOT! Looking at this on a natural level, there are a couple of lessons in this. First, as people of God, unless the laws are in …

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