Starting the application process..

What is your reaction to the Word of God? Do you readily embrace it, sulk or do you even hear it at all? Let's talk Nehemiah 8!


Gateways, gatekeeping and you!

Our hearts and minds are the gateway to our souls. effective are we at gatekeeping?

The enemy strikes back!

Nehemiah is almost finished with the wall, but these vicious attacks KEEP coming! Tune in to see how Nehemiah, with the help of the Lord, skillfully handled his enemies--and how we can, too.

“Ono”… “I am doing a great work!

The wall is almost completed and Nehemiah is summoned to have a chat. Read on to see why a meet-up in the plain of "Ono" is a no-no!

#RealTalk-When you have NO strength to complete your assignment..

Real talk: Sometimes we just get TIRED in the middle of our God-given assignment and we want to give up. In chapter 4:10-15 of our study, Nehemiah's crew faced that issue--just like we do! Listen in/read on as to how Nehemiah dealt with it effectively.