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On the wall with Nehemiah: God’s MANIFOLD mercies!

Hey there BCU Family!

Our Nehemiah series continues with the Israelites realizing how much mercy God extended to them–even in their disobedient state. And He still continues to extend His mercy to us, but there is a price to pay for willful and continual disobedience! Listen in to see what exactly happened and why we should be mindful of the consequences of being “hard-necked”.

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What lessons can we learn from the wilderness?

Our Nehemiah series continues with the Israelites recalling their ancestors’ time in the wilderness. Sure, we may know the story, but in looking at it from Nehemiah’s recall, we can glean some VERY valuable lessons that we can apply to our lives TODAY!

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Count your blessings…

Hey there family, Yes…it’s Thanksgiving! A day for food, football, friends and family! And while that’s true, the holiday season often sparks feelings of loneliness, longing and mindless complaining sometimes. Recently, I was talking to a friend who was lamenting about how he didn’t have any family at all–his parents are deceased and he is estranged from his only sibling. I joined in and to say that most all my friends/family are married and it sometimes saddens me when I see the couples go home arm in arm while I roll alone. For a minute, I think we may have been in competition for who had the saddest story! A word from Jesus pumped my brakes on the complaining! While these sad moments are REAL and we should talk to someone about what is bothering us, the Lord reminded me how truly blessed we are! In the midst of naming what we do not have and want, we really need to turn that around and name what God has given us and we will find …

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