Confronting the spirit of fear.

The spirit of fear can overtake us in the most unlikeliest of situations. Here's my story...


Rejoice, people of God! The fight is FIXED!

Remember the story of David and Goliath? While many of us recall the story from Sunday School, the Lord pointed out three important reminders that we can apply today.

2016 Loopback: In GOD we trust

New year, new month and new president! As the administration unpacks, exactly who should your trust be in? Listen in/read on to find out!

#RealTalk-When you have NO strength to complete your assignment..

Real talk: Sometimes we just get TIRED in the middle of our God-given assignment and we want to give up. In chapter 4:10-15 of our study, Nehemiah's crew faced that issue--just like we do! Listen in/read on as to how Nehemiah dealt with it effectively.

Series: Overcoming people approval with Nehemiah!

When God calls us to do something, many times, we "run" the idea by people, hoping they will be happy for us. Conversely, we may feel "shut-down" by them in some way. Let's take a look at Nehemiah, who stood fast regardless of who approved/disapproved.