“Ono”… “I am doing a great work!

The wall is almost completed and Nehemiah is summoned to have a chat. Read on to see why a meet-up in the plain of "Ono" is a no-no!


Motley post> How to: avoid consuming rotten fruit

Would you ever chow down on super rotten fruit? You may be unknowingly consuming it daily. Listen in and find out why!

Visual: What are you thinking?

What's on your mind? This visual aid is a good thought sifter...

Smoothie love (infographic)

Hey Family! Awhile back, I spoke about the love I have for smoothies, specifically green smoothies. I have one or two almost daily packed with spinach or kale, a banana, almond milk, and super foods like cacao, coconut oil, chia, flax and hemp seeds. I usually supplement my healthy-ish meals (hey, sometimes you need a … Continue reading Smoothie love (infographic)

Healthy Eating Spotlight–Blueberries

Hey family! One of my dear sisters asked me about blogging about healthy food choices and I am only too happy to oblige. While we are not here to stay, I am of the mind while we are here, we should try, with God's help, to do what we can to take good care of … Continue reading Healthy Eating Spotlight–Blueberries