And one thing led to another..

Typically when we hear "one thing led to another," a string of bad decisions and a regretful ending is expected. What's my story?


The biggest loser: getting rid of dead weight.

After an offense and forgiveness happens, very often comes the "weight" of figuring out what happened. Is that so bad? Check in to find out!

…And humility for the win!

A number of years ago, I had a "situation" with a co-worker where pride and humility went a few rounds!! Check in to see what happened!

Pride vs. Humility–Round 2

During a conference I attended, I had an "incident" with the registration desk. Tune in to find out the details and more importantly, the lessons God taught me.

Pride vs. Humility–Round 1

So this flight attendant gave me a hard time about stowing my bag that would have been JUST fine under the seat. Let me tell you the whole story...