When getting disciplined feels unfair.

Remember being disciplined as a child? What were your thoughts after your folks got through with you? As an adult, when God is disciplining you, what's your response? Tune in as we explore this sensitive topic.


Honey Cajun Chicken Thighs via @AfropolitanMom

@AfropolitanMom gives us a GOOD chicken recipe, ya'll. Check it out!

It’s time to do better…

Hey family! I was scrolling through my Instagram feed today and saw this quote from Christian comedian Broderick E. Rice: "Early birds get more than just the worm; they get everything the latecomers aren't willing to sacrifice for." He lowered the "BOOM", y'all! 😳 As I pondered that, back in my 20's, I might have chuckled … Continue reading It’s time to do better…

Declaring independence from “foolishness”

This is a post from a couple of years back, yet is STILL relevant. Check it out!

Hey family!

It’s been another minute, I’ve been a little busy running, but it’s all good. It’s wonderful to be busy!! Ladies, I wanted to share a recent experience or maybe test that echoes the importance of prayer, and exercising wisdom so your are free from “foolishmess”.

I was at a conference at a hotel where a handsome guy from across the aisle and I made eye contact and smiled. Very nice. After the conference let out, as I went to run an errand, we ran into each other. He very politely asked what I was doing later, where I was going to eat and could he “holla at me” (hmm) after my errand. As I was going, the Lord gave me the foresight to pray before I talked to this guy. I told the Lord is this was going to be frippery, he needed to just go away.


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