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Hope, healing and a prayer for the abused woman.

You are one click away from hope, healing and a prayer for the abused woman.

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Attention passengers: Can of ugly opened in seat 4c..

A previous post of mine talked about forgiving people who have wronged us, and believe me, I had to and continue to try and be the first partaker of the fruit! When I wrote the post, I was thinking of people close to us like family and friends. The forgiving and attitude check must extend to the “stranger” as well. Last year, I had to take a trip for work, so I skipped on to the airport, stowed my carry-on bag and took my seat. An older lady boarded after me with her roller board bag, looking for an empty spot in the overhead to stow it. She opened up the area where my bag happened to be and took it out. I see people do this all the time, to shift and make room for all the bags, so no big deal right? WRONG! “Miss Lady” proceeded to stow her bag, and leave mine in the floor, and take her set behind me, claiming my bag was in her spot!! HELLO????!!!!!!!!!! The seated passengers …

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Does your heart need healing?

Hey all, I didn’t post last week (please forgive me) but I have a few ideas roaming around in my head and I think I will start with this one. This is something I penned years ago out of my heart and I recently found it again. So many young ones (and not so young) are going through for love when Jesus took care of that for us all. I thought I would share an excerpt with you. There was a time I wasn’t free There was a time I was hurting There was a time I was being hurt It was mental, it was physical It was from someone who said, but “Bay, you know I love you”. I was bound in bondage–at the time I didn’t know The enemy had this sabotage planned in order to forever claim my soul. I went through life trying to mask the pain A voice telling me I was to blame I wasn’t good enough I needed to improve Then he’s really love me–hey, that’s a good …

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