Room A203: Getting to know Ty Crable–founder of NeKeShea Organic Blends! (Part 3/finale)

It's the post you've all been waiting for! Part 3 of my interview with NeKeShea founder, Ty Crable talks us through her product line and BIG news about her upcoming sale!


Room A203 Spotlight: Interview with NeKeShea Organic Blends founder, Ty Crable!

Looking for some QUALITY hair and skin products? Listen in on part 1 of my interview with Ty Crable, founder of NeKeShea Organic Blends!

Hair we grow

Hey family, I haven't done a hair post in a bit, but am planning on it soon. After being Natural for two years, I think I finally have a routine and products that work best for me (for now--I hear that can change). I the meantime, this infographic, courtesy of provides a great graphic … Continue reading Hair we grow

Relaxed about [being] natural

Happy 2011 all!! I apologize for my extended absence! Between the holidays and me getting the flu, I've been out of commission. But thank God I'm back! My first post is out of a request and support--(shout-out to Tanya, Wendy, Wanda, Liz, Dorian and Nati) about going natural! I thought I'd share some of my … Continue reading Relaxed about [being] natural