Let’s make a deal…

How many of us have traded what God said for "the hidden item" you'd ONLY find out about after your exchange? 


So a pigeon walks on to this bus…

So how did a kid's story end up as our topic du jour? And wait, I saw myself in the main character!

The repeat offender…

The Bible tells us that we will be offended and will offend others as well. Does that give us a license to willfully offend repeatedly? Let's see!

And one thing led to another..

Typically when we hear "one thing led to another," a string of bad decisions and a regretful ending is expected. What's my story?

The biggest loser: getting rid of dead weight.

After an offense and forgiveness happens, very often comes the "weight" of figuring out what happened. Is that so bad? Check in to find out!