So a pigeon walks on to this bus…

So how did a kid's story end up as our topic du jour? And wait, I saw myself in the main character!


The repeat offender…

The Bible tells us that we will be offended and will offend others as well. Does that give us a license to willfully offend repeatedly? Let's see!

And one thing led to another..

Typically when we hear "one thing led to another," a string of bad decisions and a regretful ending is expected. What's my story?

The biggest loser: getting rid of dead weight.

After an offense and forgiveness happens, very often comes the "weight" of figuring out what happened. Is that so bad? Check in to find out!

It’s a wrap! Nehemiah study finale

Well BCU Fam, we have come to the end of our Nehemiah study! What can Nehemiah teach us about the company we keep, assignment, praising God and old enemies? Let's explore the final chapters of our study!