Break every chain…letter, meme…

If you are a Facebook user, you have seen your share of memes and/or gotten inbox messages asking, sharing or even shaming you into passing along a message of hope, prosperity or love. How should the people of God deal with these messages?


Singles Chalkboard: Silly women FINALE

Hi there BCU Fam! Tune in for our series finale on "silly women". There is still hope for the captive to be made free! Take a listen to find out more!

BCU Youth Squad: Your ONE back to school essential.

Calling ALL BCU Youth Squad members! It's back to school time! Jaz and the Professor have one essential item you need to take with you! Listen in for more!

Getting more rest..

While many of us strive to get enough rest for our bodies, our minds need rest, too. Even while we are working, at school or, talking with people, or just shopping--we can be at rest! Let's talk about that!