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Out and in: A prayer for a time such as this.

What’s the perfect way to end one year and begin another? Prayer. Please join us.

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Lesson in the lollipop..

Hey family, 12-4-15–I was re-reading this post from a couple of years ago and the information God gave is JUST as relevant now as it was then. Isn’t God good like that? Re-read and be blessed! So, I took my grand kids to the barber shop since my grandson was favoring a wooly mammoth. 😄 This place gives lollypops to the kids, even if they don’t get a service, meaning my granddaughter would benefit as well. Once the kids chose their treats, I told them to put them away until after we ate dinner. Now, I know that grandparents are supposed to spoil the babies, but there is a limit, now. Veggies before sugar! When we got home, I thought it best to collect the candy and pass it out after dinner. Little man (aged 3 at the time) happily produced his lollypop, while Shortcake (age 4 then), hesitated and told me her stick broke. I told her that was fine, just hand it over. In addition to the broken stick, the wrapper was barely …

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