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The cost of emotional decision-making

Are making hasty, emotionally-charged decisions just as bad as procrastinating?

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Series: Lessons from the book of Ruth (1:15-22).

Welcome back BCU family! Please click on the icon for the podcast, if you’re on the go, otherwise take a few moments to read written account–I am sure you will find it a blessing! So, as we continue from our last Life Lessons from Ruth (part 1) Orpah left Naomi to go back to her parents house leaving Naomi to fend for herself. On the other side, Ruth’s love was in action as she took on Naomi as family, and even starting serving God! What an awesome testimony of conversion, as even in a strange land where idols were worshipped (notice Orpah went back to her gods). The Word doesn’t say what Naomi did or said–obviously she impacted Ruth through her love and dedication to God. Are we aware of who is watching how we interact with people? Are we impactful for Christ? Could we be living and loving for Him differently, more consistently? Something else I noticed in Ruth’s insistence on staying with Naomi was the promise made in verse 17: Where you die, I …

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God’s lessons from 2015 (Part 1 of 2).

Happy 2016 everyone!!! Surprise!!! We’re trying something a little different with audio this year! So below, you’ll see a link where you can listen and yes, you can still read as well!   Enjoy and PLEASE let me know what we can do differently and how you like it! Thanks and God bless you this year and ALWAYS!  You all know how it is at the end of one year and going into the next one, there are lists compiled about all types of subject matter, and here at BlenCouragesU we are NO exception! 🙂 What I’d like to share with you are five (5) BIG lessons the Lord taught me in 2015. I’m trusting that these will bless you as well. I’ll get into the detail, but the topics are as follows: Promises, promises Appearances can be deceiving Happy Holidays? Think outside the circle Say what? Let’s get started! Promises, promises: Many of us have a habit of saying, “Let me know what you need”, “I’ll help you however I can,” “I owe you a …

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Seasoned saints: The importance of salt in your life–Part 2

Hey family! I trust God blessed you all with a wonderful Thanksgiving! Mine was fantastic, filling and went by fast! 🙀 Last post, I started on a “salt series” that talked about salt production and how vital it is to our natural body and in the body of Christ on a spiritual level. This time around, lets see what the Word is on salt. “You are the salt of the earth; but if the salt loses its flavor, how shall it be seasoned? It is then good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot by men (Matthew 5:13). One of the earliest mentions of salt is in Leviticus 2. That chapter outlines detailed instructions on how sacrifices had to be prepared to be given to the priests and then offered to God. In verses 4-6, you’ll see God was very specific about the flour, oil—and even if the grain sacrifice was made pan versus a frying pan. (Side note: note how you just couldn’t bring God a sacrifice any ol’ way. That’s …

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