Singles chalkboard: Haste, waste or wait.

As I am maturing in Christ, I found that running ahead of God's timing and in His permissive will causes unneeded stress, heartache and suffering. What can we do the avoid all that? Wait.


Singles Chalkboard: *SIGH* What do I do while I wait?!

Waiting on God to send a mate can be HARD! BUT we DO NOT have to sit around all idle!! Listen in on part 2 of the areas singles should focus on while waiting.

Treasure hunt…

Hey family! For the second time in as many years, the local and national news ( have highlighted "Black Friday" shoppers who are already camped out in parking lots awaiting for all the bargains merchants are offering. While I am certainly NOT against sales, saving money, purchasing things you need or even desire, I wonder … Continue reading Treasure hunt…