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Hey there BCU Fam! So.... typically a blog post goes here every Monday. This week, for the first time in recent history, BlenCouragesU is taking this week off! Feel free to browse the site to catch up or re-read/listen to your favorite posts and Lord will, we'll see you next week! Love, BCU   #StayOnTheWall


Singles chalkboard: From Rags to Riches| Interview with Vonnie Johnson (Finale)

In the last part of our interview, guest Vonnie Johnson talks gives thought-provoking final thoughts about the people she ministered to in Suriname, South America and inspires us as she reflects on some of the good things God is doing for her.

Singles chalkboard: Living single successfully| Interview with Vonnie Johnson (Part 2)

How did a child's sudden illness lead to a trip onto the mission field? Join me for part 2 of my interview with Vonnie Johnson to find out!

Singles chalkboard: Living single successfully| Interview with Vonnie Johnson

It is officially spring in the most of the country and many singles are prayerful that this is their "season" to finally get the mate they are waiting on God to send to they can being life, travel or finally be whole. Is there any truth to those thoughts? Special guest Vonnie Johnson stops by to talk about these topics in part one of our interview.