2016 Loopback | Our words: Do they hurt or heal?

Do we REALLY pay attention the the words that come out of our mouths? Words have POWER. Read on to find out just how much and why we should use that power in a positive manner.


Series: Speech Therapy..the words of my heart.. (Part 6).

As we wrap up #SpeechTherapy season 1, let's look at a few additional areas we need to ask God for victory over.

Series: Speech Therapy..the words of my mouth (part 5)

The Word of God warns us about speaking "idle words". Let's take another look at what idle words sound like.

Series: #SpeechTherapy.. the words of my mouth (part 4)

Is your speech careless or careful? Let's look at that though the corrective lenses of the Word of God!

Series: #SpeechTherapy-it starts in the heart! (part 3)

Can your heart be effected by the lust of the flesh and/or the pride of life? Listen in.