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Wonderfully made..

Hey fam! This is a quick reminder post from a while back. I was poking around on a couple of sites on the Internet and came across this picture: I think many of us wish for, fret about, or loathe something about our faces or bodies–believe me, I GET it.  In fact, we spend a LOT of time, energy and money on comparisons,  youth potions or the latest diet fads. Or we just do nothing. At. All.  These are NOT options! Bottom line: Now, let the record show, I am ALL for looking your best and being healthy, now–we just have to work with what God gave us (not always easy) and if there is something within our control we can improve, then, sure go for it.  In the meantime, let’s ask God to help us remember He took the time to make us special, to be you and no one else for a reason! Be blessed and thanks for stopping by!   Love   BlenCouragesU Advertisements

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Sooo…What are wax melts?

Hey Family, Show of hands–how many of you have heard of grubby wax melts, tarts, sliceable loafs tarts, tart brittle, chunks? Yes, yes, I was unlearned too, until about a month ago and now I’m a semi-pro–well, on my way. Last year, I was gifted with a wax warmer and a couple of pumpkin wax melts!!! (Ya’ll know I love pumpkin, right?) So rather than lighting a candle, you just pop a container of scented wax in, plug your warmer in, turn it on and in minutes, your home smells wonderful! Depending on your fancy, there are fruity, tart, clean, herbal and bakery smells–and plenty of combinations in between. Are you wondering how you get your hands on some of this goodness? You can pick up a wax warmer from most any retailer, like Target, Walmart or even a Family Dollar. Besides the one I received, I purchased second one from a Yankee Candle outlet. As far as the wax melts—you can pick them up at the retailers I just mentioned. Or…you can order them online. Why, you …

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