Wonderfully made..

Hey fam! This is a quick reminder post from a while back. I was poking around on a couple of sites on the Internet and came across this picture: I think many of us wish for, fret about, or loathe something about our faces or bodies--believe me, I GET it.  In fact, we spend a … Continue reading Wonderfully made..


Be on high alert: Holiday blues

The holiday blues are real. Read all about it and what can be done.

Visual: What are you thinking?

What's on your mind? This visual aid is a good thought sifter...

Sooo…What are wax melts?

Hey Family, Show of hands--how many of you have heard of grubby wax melts, tarts, sliceable loafs tarts, tart brittle, chunks? Yes, yes, I was unlearned too, until about a month ago and now I'm a semi-pro--well, on my way. Last year, I was gifted with a wax warmer and a couple of pumpkin wax … Continue reading Sooo…What are wax melts?