Let’s make a deal…

How many of us have traded what God said for "the hidden item" you'd ONLY find out about after your exchange? 


Declaring independence from “foolishmess!”

So our eyes met during this conference...and after that...

Granola, lessons & God?

What on earth can God teach you about looking for some granola?

Singles Chalkboard: *SIGH* What do I do while I wait?!

Waiting on God to send a mate can be HARD! BUT we DO NOT have to sit around all idle!! Listen in on part 2 of the areas singles should focus on while waiting.

Room A203 is open! Couponing 101 with special guest Tesha Brown-King!

If you are looking for a way to save and make some money, you'll want to listen to my conversation with Tesha Brown-King.