Room A203: Slow cooker love with Twitter’s @DailyInfographc

Hey there BCU family!

Now, I know most may be thinking the crockpot is a thing for grannies and winter. Nay, nay, I say!! This tool can be used year-round for tasty, economic meals that are ready at an eight-hour (well, sometimes 4-hour ) notice. The flavor, convenience and easy cleanup have had me sold for YEARS! My meal pretty much ready when I got home from work? Yes, please!

I use mine quite a bit–from soups to chicken and my latest, ziti. That’s right– just popped in the ziti (dry), sauce, salt,  ground turkey (already cooked), cheese and enough water to cover the pasta. One hour later, my food was done and delicious!

Take a look at the infographic from our source, to get an idea of how best to use and what you can cook in your crockpot (I learned something myself)!

Thank you for stopping by and God bless you!






Visual: Food swap 101

Hey Family,

I often say since I’m “over 19”,😛 I have to (actually, want to in many cases) to do things a little differently. Part of my “differently” is recognizing when there is a healthier alternative for certain things, I typically do a little research and try it out.

The following infographic on healthy food swaps from MBG Wellness Expert, Jess Ainscough (, outlines 80% of the swaps I’ve successfully incorporated into my diet. (I’m not a rye bread fan, nor have I tried nut cheese, but I’m willing). 😃

When you’re used to eating a certain way, it can take some time (and nerve) to add something different–and you may need to experiment with cooking methods, herbs, spices and condiments. Once you do, you and your body will reap overall health benefits. No, we didn’t come here to stay–we do want to be as healthy as possible while we are here so we can be a blessing to others. Let me know what changes you’ve made!

Love and God Bless you!