Visual: Room A203| Saturday morning cartoon history!

Hey BCU Fam!

Back in MY day– (wait….that phrase used to be for the “old” people!!!), Saturday morning was a time to get a bowl of cereal and soak up as much cartoon time as possible before 12 noon. Why?!

  1. “Cable” was non-existent/not as popular then, plus from what we kids did know, cable showed “dirty movies with cursing and such,” (aka HBO and the uncensored programming), and our parents were NOT going to have that in our Christian home. Even now, I do not have any cable movie channels and that works just fine for me! 🙂
  2. After 12 noon, the child viewer was subject to “Nova”,  televised bowling competitions, and other boring programming.
  3. Or, the folks called you for some chore or worse–to go shopping for food or CLOTHES (insert gasp) that turned into an ALL DAY affair! YUCK!!!

Well, times have changed with 24-hour access to our animated friends, as well as additions to the cartoon line-up with the likes of Peppa Pig (YES!!!) and SpongeBob (BOO!!), but the originals and classics are STILL the best in class! walks us down memory lane with some of the shows we know and love! Enjoy the trip!




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