BCU podcast-100 celebration FINALE: “Love and non-support.”

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Typically, you have the option of listening to our podcast, reading the notes or both. For this post, because of the interview, please tune into the podcast recording. We pray the post blesses and encourages you.  If so, please thumbs up or leave a comment! Thank you and enjoy the post!

The BCU 100-podcast celebration-conversation is in it’s FINAL episode. We’ve been  answering your questions, proctored by my fellow teacher, sister and friend, Jewel Taylor. Let’s run down what we’ve talked about this series!

In our 100th podcast we talked about the beginning of the BCU ministry.

 In our second installment, we talked about what was difficult about the keeping the ministry going and started talking about the Dispensations.* (Innocence (1), Conscience, (2) and Human government (3), are spread over the second and third segments).

In our third segment, we ended up talking/teaching about how steward over our time properly, and that talked continued into the our fourth segment.

In segment 5, we chatted through The Dispensation of Promise, (4), talk about the erroneous mindset behind “claiming” the blessings of Abraham and the importance of keeping your treasures in Heaven.

In our next segment,  we continue our conversation and highlight heart treasures, debt and who we really work for.

In segment 6, we interrupted our Dispensation conversation to explore if Christians can be “too deep” and how saved parents balance raising unsaved children, especially around “holidays” such as Halloween.

In segment 7,we circled back to the Dispensation of Law, (5) and where we are currently, the Dispensation of Grace. (6) The common thread through our discussion was the cost of willful disobedience.

Next, we picked up right where we left off –where Jewel commented about the detriments of neglecting God’s presence. We also talked through the importance of having the Holy Ghost on the inside, and with the imminent return of Jesus to rapture His people, how we really want to walk in the Spirit vs walking in our flesh. We also finish up the Dispensations with the final one, the Millennial Reign (7).

Then,answered a question about what happens when someone leaves a church due to a bad situation and, also what happens to the responsible party. If this has happened to you, (I know I’ve been through that type of hurt myself), FORGIVENESS is paramount, BCU Family.  You can check out our studies on forgiveness here and here.

Next,we got into a controversial topic regarding attending a friend’s second marriage. This subject was controversial when the Pharisees brought it up to Jesus , and still is today. We went straight to the Word, Matthew 19:1-9 to answer that question, as the Bible is our final authority on everything.

Then, our talk continues on the subject of divorce and remarriage, yes, but moreover, how focused are we on listening and obeying God in all of our ways versus pleasing people.

Last time, we tackled a question about attending a baby shower for an unwed mother. And no, the sweet, innocent baby God blesses to come here has NOTHING to do with the question. Listen in as we expound on what the Word (Romans 1:28-32, especially verse 32) says, and my personal story on this sticky subject.

As we wrap up the 100-podcast celebration series, Jewel and I continue our conversation about “taking pleasure in” or supporting our friends and family in wrongdoing in the likes, shares, comments and sometimes, quite frankly, our silence. We also talk about the importance of treating people with LOVE, regardless of whether or not we agree with what they do.

Please click below for the podcast, and as you listen we’d love to hear your thoughts on the content in the comments section on the BlenCouragesU.com page below.

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Thank you SO much for stopping by and being a part of the celebration!  God bless, keep and make His face to shine upon you as you #StayOnTheWall!



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