The last word…

If you knew the words you are speaking to your loved one, friend, family, neighbor, enemy or even a stranger, would be the last words they heard, would you really continue saying what you are saying? Or would your words be different?


2016 Loopback: In GOD we trust

New year, new month and new president! As the administration unpacks, exactly who should your trust be in? Listen in/read on to find out!

2016 Loopback | Our words: Do they hurt or heal?

Do we REALLY pay attention the the words that come out of our mouths? Words have POWER. Read on to find out just how much and why we should use that power in a positive manner.

2016 Loopback: Applying “The Golden Rule.”

As we look over the lessons learned in 2016, consistency in how I treat others was a BIG one for me. Let's dig in to see how.