Lessons from the 2016 Election! 🇱🇷

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With all of the kerfuffle about the 2016 Election in the United States this week, supporters and opponents of the two main candidates took to social media to let anyone who would read  know how they felt about the result. While there were some civil comments, many fired back retorts in retailiation, doom, angry words, name calling, jeers and cursing. And sadly, some of those responses were from people who say they are Christian, Holy-Ghost filled, baptized in Jesus name believers.

What does that look like to the people we are trying to win to Christ?

What must God be thinking about the people who are called by His name?


Yes, God is forgiving, understanding and allows us to feel and be emotional about things that are passionate to us–He made us to do so. The issue comes in when we practice letting the emotion CONTROL us to the point where we start walking in the flesh rather than in the Spirit. In fact, Galatians 5 says that the works of the flesh, in part, produce hatred, wrath, and strife–and on TOP of that they that do such things will not inherit the kingdom of God (see Galatians 5:16-21). That should be enough to encourage us to walk in the Spirit! I do know that it can be trying at times–and the Lord knows that too, which is why He gives us His Word to apply.

  1. Matthew 18:7 says offenses will come. In this life, we will either offend someone or or be offended by someone. While we don’t want to be “repeat offenders”,  with the help of God, when someone trespasses against us, we are commanded to go to the person to straighten out the matter, as well FORGIVE  seventy times seven times–in order words, LOSE COUNT, otherwise WE will not be forgiven. Matthew 18 tells us all about that.

  2. James 1:19 reminds us to be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. Why? Because the [deep-seated, retaliating] wrath of man does NOT work the righteousness of God–that holy standard of behavior that is required from us (James 1:20).  As we strive to be more like Jesus, we understand that the Lord is merciful and gracious, slow to anger and plenteous in mercy (Psalm 103:8). That means we need to be the same way.

  3. Do we have to get upset about EVERYTHING? No.  The discretion of a man defers his anger and it is his glory to pass over a transgression (Proverbs 19:11). Simply put, slow the anger down and learn when to overlook being offended.

  4.   Even when we do need to respond to someone, we can do it so God is glorified! Proverbs 15:28 says, the heart of the righteous studies [thinks carefully and with wisdom] about HOW to answer [wisely and appropriately], but the mouth of the wicked pours out EVIL things. When you think of something being poured out, it’s coming quickly, forcefully, and with little to no control or regard to who is around or the effects of the pouring. This is NOT the standard of holy living God has called us to!  BCU Fam, NOTHING evil should ever come pouring out of our mouths whether in verbal or written communication. Words are weapons and the scarring can be PERMANENT.

    Bottom line: You know, God’s eyes behold and His eyelids try the children of men (Psalms 11:4), so this election and the outcome  and our responses were truly a test for many of us, myself included. Depending on how you did on this or a similar test, do know that it will be administered again, not to torment  or frustrate us, but to help us to be more like Jesus and be prepared for His coming–it’s nearer than we think and we DO NOT want to miss the rapture! Let’s  commit the Word spoken here today to memory and action–and pass this exam with the help of the Lord!  Amen? Amen!

Well, BCU family this was a tough yet needful reminder! It’s imperative that we respond to offenses in a way that glorifies God and does not taint our witness.

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As always, thank you for stopping by and may God bless, keep and make His face to shine upon you! #StayOnTheWall!





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