A Christmas message: Who is Jesus to YOU?

As we come together to corporately celebrate the birth of Christ, let's look at some of the WONDERFUL things about Him!


Christmas reflection: How GREAT is our GOD?

Christmas post: As we meditate on the birth of Christ, the preparation and circumstances for His arrival were orchestrated perfectly. Listen in/read on for how God did it!

Reminder: How GREAT is our God?

Hey Fam! The Lord gave this to me and it truly blessed me.  Read, reflect and rejoice about the magnitude of our God. Love you! Prophecy: Jesus was to be born in Bethlehem (Micah 5:2). Situation: Joseph & very pregnant Mary are in Nazareth/Galilee about 70 or so miles away (and with no modern transportation, … Continue reading Reminder: How GREAT is our God?

The TRUE spirit of Christmas…

Hey family! I am interrupting the salt series in the spirit of Christmas! I thought I'd re-share a written excerpt from a scene in a play that the youth of Meriden Bible Way (Meriden, CT) wrote and put on for Christmas a few years ago. This was the "sermon" part of the play. Enjoy! "You … Continue reading The TRUE spirit of Christmas…