Singles Chalkboard: Six things and the silly woman (part 2).

We're continuing our Singles Chalkboard chat by taking a look at six more things to be alert for to avoid being a silly woman. Take a listen to find out more!


The BCU Youth Squad talks about bullying.

Calling ALL BCU Youth Squad members! While a challenging subject, bullying is something we REALLY need to talk about and deal with. Along with Jaz and The Professor, let's see what special guests and dynamic brother-sister duo, Marielle and Micah have to say.

…And humility for the win!

A number of years ago, I had a "situation" with a co-worker where pride and humility went a few rounds!! Check in to see what happened!

Pride vs. Humility–Round 2

During a conference I attended, I had an "incident" with the registration desk. Tune in to find out the details and more importantly, the lessons God taught me.

Pride vs. Humility–Round 1

So this flight attendant gave me a hard time about stowing my bag that would have been JUST fine under the seat. Let me tell you the whole story...