Room A203: Getting to know Ty Crable–founder of NeKeShea Organic Blends! (Part 3/finale)

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Ty Crable of NeKeShea Organic Blends

So let’s recap!  When we first started this series, Ty Crable from NeKeShea Organic Blends inspired us with her story of going natural and her steadfast faith in God! In part 2 of our interview, Ty started to get into the details of her fantastic product line!

In our final segment, Ty continues to walk through the rest of her products and goes into an example about her VERY high her standards are.  So please enjoy our non-sponsored,  products-bought-with BCU’s-own-money, affiliate-free interview, and listen closely for her Black Friday special!

Now listen, BCU family, as you prepare to bombard Ty over on her Etsy shop, please save some serum, custard and that hot oil treatment for me!

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Room A203: Getting to know Ty Crable, founder of NeKeShea Organic Blends! (Part 2)

Hey there BCU Family!

ty-cLast time we were together, we were chatting with NeKeShea Organic Blends founder, Ty Crable on her decision and tips on going natural. In part 2 of our interview, Ty talks about faith in God and how she got started in creating her awesome brand of  organic and all-natural hair and skin products. Take a listen to this non-sponsored,  products-bought-with BCU’s-own-money, affiliate-free interview and prepare to #GetYouSome! (that’s Ty’s tagline)!

Yes!! The nourishing and creamy NeKeShea goodness!


Is your curiosity piqued? I know, I know!!! And yes, please stay tuned for the finale of our interview–as a matter of fact, you may want to listen to part 3 prior to making your purchase! *insert raised eyebrows*.

Until then, please visit Ty over on her Etsy shop, so you can start making your list!

As we wrap up, please remember there are additional podcasts for you to enjoy on the site that are available 24-7!  You can also see what we are up to on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! You can also listen in and subscribe to the podcast on Stitcher Radio , Google Play, and iTunes.

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Room A203 Spotlight: Interview with NeKeShea Organic Blends founder, Ty Crable!

Hey there BCU Family!

Part of our mission here at is to ensure we are lifted up and encouraged HOLISTICALLY and that includes the natural part of our lives. Every so often, there is a service, product or item that I love, and feel the need to share it with all of you, hence today’s podcast post.

Ty Crable of NeKeShea hair and skin products. Visit her shop on and #GetYouSome of the goodness!

A few years ago, I “met” Ty Crable on YouTube as she was reviewing products she was trying at the time–and let me tell you, when Ty talked in the natural hair  community, [meaning there are no chemicals used to straighten your hair], MANY of us listened and BOUGHT! 🙂  There was something about her honesty, candor and humor that clicked with me and I’ve been a follower of her ever since.

Fast forward to now, and she is making her own ORGANIC body butters and hair care products! Yes, BCU Family, NeKeShea Organic Blends is a product line for you hair [natural and relaxed/permed, and skin that  is made with organic, high-quality, healing ingredients, blended together with LOVE. Can you tell I am a little amped about it? Wouldn’t you be?! 🙂

Before you click on the icon below to listen in, please know that this is NOT a sponsored or affiliated type interview at all! All NeKeShea products that I have tried and loved have been happily purchased by me (at posted Etsy shop prices) with the coins God blessed me to earn from my job.  This is just two friends chatting about a passion we share–and it would not be right to keep this awesomeness to ourselves!  Now that we’ve gotten that taken care of, please enjoy the interview and share your thoughts!


Yessss BCU family–can you tell the conversation was getting good to us? No worries, we’ll continue with part 2 of our talk, so please stay tuned! And yes, please visit Ty over on her Etsy shop.

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Goin’ green

Hey family!

While everyday should be one for love, I know February is the official love month (well at least it up until the 14th). In honor of the occasion, I’d like to share some of the very things I love.

Some of you know, while I do like my goodies, since I am over 19 now, I do try to eat healthy meals 80% (or better) of the time. This has two benefits: I can eat and enjoy other things (in moderation) when I go out, on holidays, birthdays, etc. Also, and moreover, once you start eating better, you really do not desire the junk as much. I did not think I’d see the day when I could not wait to get home to my spinach. Yep, I said spinach–it’s a favorite! Let me tell you one way I enjoy this versatile green.

A cup of spinach in every sip!
A cup of spinach in every sip!
I am a huge fruit smoothie fan, but just got brave enough to try a “green” smoothie thanks to They had a 30-day green smoothie challenge last month I was too chicken to try, but I decided to take the plunge a few days ago and have had two smoothies almost every day. The site has some good tips, testimonials and even an ebook with smoothie recipes for $5 (for the time being). Investing the few dollars in the book will ensure your smoothies will taste good and you’ll want to drink it. What’s that? Do you taste the spinach? Not a bit–the fruit in the smoothie masks the greens taste! And you don’t need a second mortgage to get started.

Fruit: Fresh or frozen (organic, if possible) your choice

Greens: (organic, if possible) spinach, kale or romaine lettuce and uncooked, of course.

Liquids: almond, soy, rice or cow’s milk, water (filtered or boiled and cooled) or coconut water.

Blender: I use a Hamilton Beach I purchased from Kmart for $20 or so.

On average, it’s a 60/40 ratio of fruit to veggies. Since the green smoothies are packed with fiber and nutrients, you are full for a couple of hours. These make a great snack when you have to be in the car for awhile or you’re running errands. I will eventually move past the spinach and try the other greens, but I believe in a slow hurry sometimes (that’s code for fraidy-cat). 🙀

Bottom line: Trust me, I am a Red Velvet Cake head. If I can do a green smoothie and love it, anyone can! Try it out and let me know how you like it!



And..the “2 Forks” award goes to…

Hey family,

I pray this finds you well! No frowny faces here, thank God!

A couple of weeks ago, among other things,  an opportunity and  challenge in some respects came along to eat meatless, healthy, whole and as many organic foods as possible.  While I already have incorporated things like bran cereal and brown rice into my diet, I was looking forward to the challenge of adding different foods to my regimen. In doing so, I found a few things I’d like…no, love!!!  Thanks to my sista, T. Riley’s suggestion, I thought share my “2 Forks” award foods with you. As a warning, I have to tell you Trader Joe’s (TJ’s) and I got close.  No, I don’t have any stock there–I do market at other places, I just like the variety they have.

“Brequess” or Breakfast (that first pronunciation is how some of my South Carolina family say it! :-D)

Paper covers rock--steel-cut beats instant!

Steel Cut Oats~ I have been eating these for a minute as the kids say (do they still say that?) Anyway, these take a little more time to cook–that’s ok, though, the flavor and texture is so worth it. It’ s got a nutty flavor and stick to your ribs texture which I need to function on all 8 cylinders. I top mine with a little agave nectar, honey or honey, cinnamon and walnuts or pecans. Then a little Almond or Hemp milk (I’ll talk about that next time)  tops off the most important meal of the day! I got these at TJ’s or at Price Chopper in the health section. Quaker also has FANTASTIC steel-cut oats.

Other times, I have bran cereal or granola based cereal with skim/Hemp milk. Kashi has some of the best cereals out there in terms of high protein and fiber (Fiber makes me happy–right Wanda?)


You had me at spinach...

Spinach Ricotta Ravioli~I LOVE spinach like Popeye, so I saw these in TJ’s and decided to give them a try. With no artificial colors or preservatives, 12 grams of protein and 35% of the RDA of Vitamin “A”, this is a tasty lunch or dinner entrée. You just need to boil them for about 5-6 minutes and they are done! These are good without any condiments, but add your favorite organic spaghetti sauce topped with olive oil (Dr. Oz says you really get the nutritional benefits from tomato based products when you add olive oil) and you are good to go! The package pictured runs about $3.49.

You can make a similar dish by using frozen spinach, ricotta or cottage cheese and manicotti pasta.  Top with sauce and you’ll be licking your chops!

Grilled Asparagus~ I tell everyone that will listen about my new obsession with my favorite new veggie!! After washing my FRESH and NOT canned asparagus, I lay them on a foil-lined baking sheet and then drizzle the delectable stalks with garlic olive oil, (any brand) lemon and sprinkle with a little sea salt. Pop them in the oven on 300-350 degrees for about 7 minutes or so (crunchy is key–wilted and soggy, make me sad) and ala peanut butter sandwiches– they are done! I eat them like french fries. Not only are they tasty, they pack a great nutritional punch that is fantastic.  For more info, click here.

Healthy 8 Veggies all day!

Salad~Besides my beloved asparagus, TJ’s also has a Healthy 8 Chopped Veggie Mix. This mix is loaded with carrots, green and red cabbage, broccoli, jicama, green bell peppers, radishes and celery. While you can cook these veggies for your favorite dishes, I just have this as a salad with a whole wheat flatbread. I will say that a serving of this makes a tasty lunch, light dinner or side salad with your main entrée.

Brown rice and beans with veggie ala Blen

Arroz moreno con frijoles negros~  Brown rice and black beans–I pop 1 cup of brown rice and 2 cups of organic veggie stock in my rice steamer, warm my black beans, top with plain yogurt (or sour cream) and salsa and you’ve got a comfort food that is packed with beneficial protein and heart-healthy fiber.

I don't care if it's for kids...they are GOOD!

Snacks and dessert

Looking to satisfy my sweet and snack tooth, I was in Stop and Shop and stumbled onto some Clif bars. I was so excited about the organic ingredients and the sale (2 for $5) I failed  to see the kid on the skateboard on the front of the box–hence, this is marketed toward kids! LOL!! That’s ok, though…Adults are grown up kids, right? These baked energy snacks are made with whole grain and have 12 vitamins and minerals including zinc, vitamin B12 and folate. This is a health alternative to my beloved red velvet cake 🙂 and also make a good snack or in between meal.

For a snack, I re-discovered hummus (basically mashed chickpeas with various spices).  I was afraid of it for some reason (long story) but decided to go for it

This snack makes me happy...

again. TJ’s had a couple of varieties, including  a garlic and horseradish flavor which I devoured with wheat crackers one afternoon. I texted a few people to tell them this snack was the cats’ pajamas!

On deck:

I am planning to grill Portobello mushrooms. I hear they taste like steak if you do them right! I also picked up broccoli sprouts (not sure what to “do” with them) and organic coconut milk that I found alongside the Silk Almond Milk.  I plan to make a fruit smoothie with the milk and also topping off my oatmeal with it.  So Lord will, stay tuned for the next installment of 2 forks up!

Thanks for reading and may God bless you!