Think it not strange…

You know, as a child, young adult, saved older young adult :-), you have a certain "expectation" of how things will go in your life. While our awesome God does bless us to have our hearts desires according to His will, He also brings us trials that can throw you for a LOOP!


Overcoming people approval! Lessons from Nehemiah (Part 2)

Nehemiah is on the move to survey damage and get a plan together for the wall rebuild keeping it on the hush. Find out why we sharing is not always caring.

Series: starts in the heart! (part 2)

Listen/read up on how the stealth lust of the eye can take us down if we aren't careful! Let's see what God says..

Series: The called according to His purpose-part 4

Read/listen in as we explore who God SAYS we are: a royal priesthood.

Series: The called according to His purpose! Part 3

If God chose you, He equips you. Listen/read all about it!