Goin’ green for April

Hey family,

A couple of posts back, I wrote about trying out green smoothies, from a website called simplegreensmoothies.com. A month later and I have to say—IT’S A HABIT!! I actually look forward to mixing up my frozen, nourishing treat which is basically spinach, banana or berry mix with almond milk. I even branched out and “upgraded” my smoothies by adding:

Almond, walnut or pecan “nut butter” (after buying some, I started making them myself! All you need are raw nuts, a little coconut oil, sea salt, a food processor and blend till smooth!)

Cacao powder

Flax, chia & hemp seeds


Mixed greens

Collard greens (not my fav)

Mustard Greens (not my fav)

Flax seeds

Coconut water

I do I need to rotate my greens a little more, but overall I am chuffed about getting in more fruit, veggies and protein, which is highly beneficial for everybody. So…..want to get in on the action?

While I am not affiliated with the company, it just so happens that simplegreensmoothies.com is having a 30 day challenge starting next week. This will kick-start your smoothie-love and you’ll be hooked and can’t get free. Details are here.

If you are not adventurous, I recommend starting off with the recommendations from the site. This way, you’ll like the smoothie and want to continue drinking them. There is no financial obligation, no penalties, no obligation or anything. And, no, this is NOT the only thing you consume for 30 days! Feel free to eat what you typically do–you’ll notice over time that the cravings for excessive amounts of unhealthy food will dissipate, and you’ll start to make healthier food choices overall. Then you can have the cake or chips as a treat without wrecking your health! It’s a win-win situation!

Bottom line: This is a way to get more fresh produce, vitamins and minerals in your diet, Family.  We want to take good care of the temple God gave us while we are here, right? Try the green smoothies out and let me know how you like them!


God bless,



Goin’ green

Hey family!

While everyday should be one for love, I know February is the official love month (well at least it up until the 14th). In honor of the occasion, I’d like to share some of the very things I love.

Some of you know, while I do like my goodies, since I am over 19 now, I do try to eat healthy meals 80% (or better) of the time. This has two benefits: I can eat and enjoy other things (in moderation) when I go out, on holidays, birthdays, etc. Also, and moreover, once you start eating better, you really do not desire the junk as much. I did not think I’d see the day when I could not wait to get home to my spinach. Yep, I said spinach–it’s a favorite! Let me tell you one way I enjoy this versatile green.

A cup of spinach in every sip!
A cup of spinach in every sip!
I am a huge fruit smoothie fan, but just got brave enough to try a “green” smoothie thanks to simplegreensmoothies.com. They had a 30-day green smoothie challenge last month I was too chicken to try, but I decided to take the plunge a few days ago and have had two smoothies almost every day. The site has some good tips, testimonials and even an ebook with smoothie recipes for $5 (for the time being). Investing the few dollars in the book will ensure your smoothies will taste good and you’ll want to drink it. What’s that? Do you taste the spinach? Not a bit–the fruit in the smoothie masks the greens taste! And you don’t need a second mortgage to get started.

Fruit: Fresh or frozen (organic, if possible) your choice

Greens: (organic, if possible) spinach, kale or romaine lettuce and uncooked, of course.

Liquids: almond, soy, rice or cow’s milk, water (filtered or boiled and cooled) or coconut water.

Blender: I use a Hamilton Beach I purchased from Kmart for $20 or so.

On average, it’s a 60/40 ratio of fruit to veggies. Since the green smoothies are packed with fiber and nutrients, you are full for a couple of hours. These make a great snack when you have to be in the car for awhile or you’re running errands. I will eventually move past the spinach and try the other greens, but I believe in a slow hurry sometimes (that’s code for fraidy-cat). 🙀

Bottom line: Trust me, I am a Red Velvet Cake head. If I can do a green smoothie and love it, anyone can! Try it out and let me know how you like it!