Singles Chalkboard: Silliness=captivity.

We're winding down our Singles Chalkboard chat by taking a look at creepers, silliness and captivity. Take a listen to find out more!


Singles Chalkboard: “Silly women.”

What's the big deal about a silly woman? And what leads up to this silliness? Take a listen to find out more.

Relationships and the spirit of infirmity

You know, while many of us are Holy-Ghost filled, we may not be whole in certain areas. How does that effect our relationships? Or lives?

Hope, healing and a prayer for the abused woman.

You are one click away from hope, healing and a prayer for the abused woman.

Singles chalkboard: From Rags to Riches| Interview with Vonnie Johnson (Finale)

In the last part of our interview, guest Vonnie Johnson talks gives thought-provoking final thoughts about the people she ministered to in Suriname, South America and inspires us as she reflects on some of the good things God is doing for her.