BCU apparel is BACK!

Thank you for your support! Love, BCU #StayOnTheWall


BCU Resource: complimentary stewardship/time management document

Hey there, BCU Fam! Here's a time management resource we borrowed from Dwight Eisenhower with a little BCU-ness. Read the quick post for the details.

It’s about time….

Many of us, (myself included) struggle with tardiness and justify it with somewhat legitimate reasons, but what are some of the consequences of habitual lateness?

It’s time to do better…

Hey family! I was scrolling through my Instagram feed today and saw this quote from Christian comedian Broderick E. Rice: "Early birds get more than just the worm; they get everything the latecomers aren't willing to sacrifice for." He lowered the "BOOM", y'all! 😳 As I pondered that, back in my 20's, I might have chuckled … Continue reading It’s time to do better…