BCU Resource: complimentary stewardship/time management document

Hey there BCU Fam!

As many of you know, we are currently studying time management in our live Periscope study held on Thursday nights at 8:05pm on Periscope/BlenCouragesU. On this Thursday, (December 14, 2017), we’re planning* to talk practically about managing our time better with the “Eisenhower” quads, updated with Scripture and a little BCU flavor! 🙂 You are MORE than welcome to join us!

Feel free to download the .PDF file>> BCU Quad Matrix Dec 2017 <<ahead of our class, so you can print and fill it on as we go, or you can take notes and fill it in later. If you miss the class, check the BCU Facebook page for the replay, or it may be posted here, as well.

If you need a different version of the Quad (i.e. Excel or Numbers document), just email Blen@BlenCouragesU.com with BCU Quad in the subject line and your information,  or, let me know on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, and we’ll get you hooked up!

Thank you SO much for stopping by. God bless, keep and make His face to shine upon you as you #StayOnTheWall!





*The subject of the Periscope is subject to change, per the Lord’s kairos will. 🙂



P.S. Here is the filled in Quad>> BCU Quad Complete 2017<<


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Just an average girl. Saved by and serving an AWESOME God who assigned me to help encourage His people to #StayOnTheWall.

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