A few of my favorite things (Hair related)

Helllooooo family!!!!

I hope all is well with you–with the help of the Lord, I am FINALLY starting to get things in my life organized so I can start writing again (that’s a whole OTHER post :-)–Thanks for your prayers!

Let’s get this kicked off with what’s going on in the hair department. I’ve been natural about 3 years now and while my hair has grown a bit (you can’t tell since it shrinks up so much–ah, well), my goal is not waist-length hair. Growth is a blessing mind you, but I just want my hair to be healthy, soft, moisturized (a challenge with my high/low porosity hair) and look nice. I love it and am grateful when people ask me about my hair–that’s saying something! I think if you go Natural, you should represent well! Ok, on with the info!

Pre-poo: (or before shampoo 😃)

1) Shea Moisture Deep Treatment–this also doubles as a very moisturizing styler! (Thanks, Curlygirl 24) I refreshed my hair with it and loved the results–gotta love a dual purpose product! I just slather, don a shower cap for a bit a rinse out.


I LOVE Henna! Right now, I order from Mehandi.com. I’ve tried it a few times already and try to do that every 4-6 weeks or so. It’s a little labor intensive, but I think it made a difference in the strength of my hair. For those who aren’t familiar, Henna is like a natural protein treatment that can add strength, sheen, and help loosen curls while adding a slight “stain” to your hair (your hair will have BARELY-there reddish undertone in the sun and any gray hair will take on reddish color as well). The more you Henna, the stronger your hair becomes!

I make a cup of tea (like a red zinger) and let it cool slightly. In a glass or plastic bowl, I mix the tea and Henna powder into a yogurt consistency and let it sit covered at room temperature overnight.

Before I apply to Henna to freshly shampooed (and sometimes not) sectioned hair, I add a little honey to the mix (adds moisture and makes the Henna rinse out a lot easier) and apply the paste to every strand of hair. Cover hair in plastic wrap, and chill out for at least two hours. I wash it out thoroughly with water and ” shampoo” with conditioner. Then I follow-up with a moisturizing conditioner for about an hour or so. Once that’s rinsed, I’m left with softer, shinier tinted hair.

Terressentials Pure Mud Wash

I love this stuff. This non-sudsing clay-based wash cleanses, defines and moisturizes my curls wonderfully. I’m sure you could skip the conditioner, but I do it out of habit. It’s a bit pricey, but you do not have to use much. Naptural85 shows you how.

Moisturizing Conditioners:

She Scent it–Avocado Rinse or Honey Wash.
There’s something about these condishes that make my hair soft, moisturized and shiny. Plus they are affordable. She has sales a few times a year.

For protein, I like the Okra Reconditioner and use it almost every shampoo. It strengthens my hair, yet doesn’t make it hard or dry. I follow it up or use it with one of the aforementioned condishes.

Marie Dean 3 in 1 Illipe Condish–I bought a small one of these on sale and I am upset I didn’t get a bigger one! That yummyness melted my tresses so wonderfully! Plus Adriene is a pleasure to speak with–love that! I hope to reup on an upcoming sale.

Bask Y.A.M. Nectar–This is one of the best moisturizers I have used to date. My hair likes honey, so since that’s the base, it drinks it in. This is pricey as well, but worth it. If a good sale comes along, I may reup. In the meantime, I can use the She Scent it.

Stylers/Leave in

I have learned that wash and go’s (well wash, style and go’s) with gel are my friend. Therefore, Uncle Funky’s Daughter Curly Magic (CM) is my go-to styler. I use it on soaking wet hair for shiny, moisturized curls for days. I usually refresh it with a little water or a bit of her Midnite Train.

UPDATE: It’s a sad day in my life, ladies…UFDCM has undergone some changes that include a hefty dose of glycerin to an otherwise perfect gel. While glycerin can be a wonderful humectant, in low dew points, it can dry hair out and in high humidity, it can “pouf” you hair and have you lose your curl definition (for me anyway). Some curlies stay close to the dew points and change their products accordingly. That’s a little labor intensive for me–I’d rather be able to use a product pretty much year-round. So…I’m on the hunt for a new styler (insert sigh).

I have tried Kinky Curly Knot Today (leave in) and Kinky Curly Curling Custard or KCCC (styler gel) and while I’m not crazy about digging my hand in  jar (UFD has a pump), I have gotten GREAT results! I am hopeful this will end my quest for the perfect gel–we’ll see. I have used it with this FABULOUS moisturizer called Curl Prep Sweet Buttah, and right now, I am loving on my hair! (Pic at the end of this post).

I use my CM and the KCCC with my Juicy Naturalista Leave-In.  This powerhouse adds shine, seals in the moisture and gives additional softness. I don’t need any extra oils, finishers or anything else. In addition, Padrica (owner) is a super sweetie–always helpful and has gone over and beyond duty to help. Love her!

And that, ladies, about sums it up. I do have some other products to try out, I just get so cozy in my routine, it’s hard for me to go outside of it. If you have questions about anything, please feel free to ask.

Thanks for reading and God bless you!


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