Room A203 is open! Couponing 101 with special guest Tesha Brown-King!

Hey there BCU fam!

Typically, our podcasts are centered around topic-specific teaching based on the Word of God.  This week, we’re switching things up a bit this week with some financial encouragement! “Why is that?” you ask?  Let’s talk about why:

  1. Here at BlenCouragesU, we’re about ALL about making sure we walk in the Spirit according to the Word of God. We’re also about encouraging you HOLISTICALLY–meaning on other areas of you life as well.
  2. When we talk finances, we talk stewardship and that IS a part of the Word of God. We are called to be good stewards or managers over ALL things that God has given us (jobs, family, talents, gifts, etc.) In reality, ALL that we have is God’s–we just manage it–and at some point, we will need to give an account of our work. You can read all about it in Matthew chapter 25:14-30 in the parable of the talents. I’m thinking we need to be like the servants who brought back a favorable report versus the last one whose lack of action ended him being cast into outer darkness.
  3. Plus who doesn’t like to save a little money? And who knows, maybe the money you save can go pay down debt, a special project at church, charity,  towards a vacation fund, savings account–you have several possibilities! That said, let’s introduce our guest.
Tesha and part of her crew!

Woman of God, sweet southern belle, mom of six and wife of one, Tesha Brown King and I have been Facebook friends for YEARS and my niece and I were blessed to get a chance to meet her and two of her AMAZING children in person recently (hey guys! xoxoxo). We got on the subject of couponing and it fascinated me! So I thought you all would benefit–I know I did!!!  Click on the icon to hear the goodness, check below for info,  let us know what questions/comments you have, and stay tuned for part 2 of our interview!

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Need coupons? Check out:

Got a question for Tesha? Find her  here or send her an email!


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