Room A203: Getting organized (and discounted) with!

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Every now and again, I get an urge to get organized on a micro level–you know, write down all my appointments, things to do–stuff like that. Now since the dawn of the smartphones, I have used my electronic calendar to record certain things, but I have found that I prefer a *gasp* paper planner! I know, I know—it is the 21st century, Family, but there is something about reading and writing a physical schedule excites me and many other planners.

In fact, over the last few years, YouTube is bursting at the seams with the “planner community” who advises novice and seasoned planner on the latest in updates, inserts, stickers and planner uses. Last year, I waded into the planner water and found one I REALLY love–! Let me tell you why! For one low price, including shipping, you get to design your own planner! I KNOW, RIGHT?! Let me calm down and tell you more! (You can watch my  review video here).


This planner is about 98.5% customizable:

  • The front and back covers
  • The elastic closure
  • The design theme/inlay  (top of the page)
  • The inlay/layout (i.e. vertical, horizontal, stripes, stripe and ruler colors).
  • The modules (you get three– track things like workouts, meal planning, ideas, or set up a blank space).
  • The back pages (previous/future year at a glance, sudoku, coloring, ruled or blank pages).
  • You can also opt to have a monthly (at a glance spread and then your daily/weekly detail).
  • A plastic pouch that holds things like stamps, post-its, receipts and such.
  • You start the calendar whenever YOU want. Want one from October 2016-September 2017? Yes. Want to start in January 2017 and go to December 2017? No problem.
  • They now come with cool stickers as well!


The 1.5% “non-negiotable” parts?

When the week starts (always on a Monday, I prefer Sunday).

The colors of the months on the monthly spread (i.e.  “April” is yellow and can be a little hard to read against the white background)–not a deal breaker).

My wish list? (the other .5% :-))

  • “Extended” tabs to separate the months. There are colors on the edge of the pages to help. I just use cute paper clips to help me there.
  • The calendar pages could be less “flush” against the cover to protect the pages from getting beat up looking. Mind you, the paper the calendar is printed on is VERY durable, it just doesn’t stop the very tops and bottoms of the pages (when the planner is closed) from wear and tear, especially since I carry this almost everywhere.
  • A bigger notebook section. Because I like to write things, I can go through these pages in a matter of months, so I carry a separate notebook. I’d LOVE to have a combo calendar/notebook.

What ices the cake here is the customer service–it is OUTSTANDING!  Lisa and the gang there promptly responded to my myriad of questions via email with patience, courtesy and professionalism that is rare to find. In fact, stay tuned for my podcast interview with Lisa!

I have ordered two planners now and as far as I am concerned my planner search is OVER! And because I love these folks and they like me back, they are offering up a discount code for YOUR own personal planner! Go to and use the code: 9-TEAM-BCU1. It’s valid from September 14-September 23,  so please do NOT delay–order today and tell us all about your experience in the comments below! You will NOT be sorry! Thanks for stopping by and until we are together again God bless you and #StayOnTheWall





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