Room A203: Part 2>> Interview with Lisa Öhberg from!

Join us for part 2 of my interview with planner whisperer Lisa Öhberg from!


Room A203: Getting organized (and discounted) with!

We all have the urge to want to get organized, we just need the motivation and a wonderful paper planner do just that. to the rescue!

Room A203: BCU Family–Let’s save some money! Couponing part 2!

Who doesn't like to save some money? Take a listen (or a read) for some practical tips from our special guest Tesha Brown-King.

*taps mic* BlenCouragesU apparel is now available! (closed)

Many of you inquired and praise God for the opportunity to bring you limited edition BCU apparel! Read, click, order and wait for the goodness to come!

Room A203: Salad Pairings 101 [visual post]

All you wanted to know about pairing up the best-tasting salad ingredients at a glance!