Attention passengers: Can of ugly opened in seat 13C!

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A previous post of mine talked about forgiving people who have wronged us, and believe me, I had to and continue to try to be the first partaker of the fruit! When I wrote the post, I was thinking of people close to us like family and friends, as we interact with them so often. Well, the forgiving and attitude check must extend to the “stranger” as well.

A while back, I had to take a trip for work, so I skipped on to the airport, boarded my plane, stowed my carry-on bag and took my seat. An older lady boarded after me with her roller board bag, looking for an empty spot in the overhead to stow it. She opened up the area where my bag happened to be and took it out. I see people do this all the time, to shift and make room for all the bags, so no big deal right? WRONG!

“Miss Lady” proceeded to stow her bag, and leave mine in the floor, and take her set behind me, claiming my bag was in her spot!! HELLO????!!!!!!!!!! The seated passengers looked at me in horror, while I blinked in disbelief and scrambled to make an audible sentence. I think I said something like, “I wasn’t aware this was kindergarten where we had assigned spaces, ” to whit another passenger told her, “that isn’t the way things work”. At that point without realizing it, I actually started praying aloud and asked the Lord to help me to deal with the situation. I thought about the scene that could have ensued had I yelled at her–I’d probably be the one escorted off the plane!

The Lord heard my cry and some of the other passengers aided me to help find a place for my bag and even offered to help me get it after we landed. I looked at her a few times to get a read on her face, but she wouldn’t really look my way. God bless her.

I don’t know what was going on in her head to exhibit such crazed behavior, but let me tell you, the grace of God surrounded my mouth and actions, and to Him I am grateful. I am not confrontational anyway, so getting in someones face is not my style. I will say, I don’t like being mistreated, either, so suffering in silence is not always apropos–I’m telling you all prayer was the fastest route to the right answer.

Looking back, I know this was an attack of the enemy and the Lord must have been testing my reaction and way of handling the situation in the spirit and not in the flesh. While the Lord blessed me to get through part of the situation successfully, in retrospect, I wished I had talked with her.

When people are depressed, hurting, upset or whatever, they direct their anger at whoever is in the path. Often, we take it personally (sometimes it is personal), but mostly not. As people professing salvation, and knowing Jesus can heal, save and deliver like nothing/no one else, we have to practice letting people know that, rather than sucking out teeth in disgust or laying people out.

Titus 3:3-5 reminds us we ourselves were sometimes foolish, disobedient, deceived, serving divers lust and pleasures, living in malice and envy, hateful and hating one another. But after the kindness and love of God our Savior towards us appeared, not by our righteous works, but He saved us according to mercy, by His blood and Holy Ghost. These verses sobered me right up! With God’s grace, let’s hide that Word in our hearts, so we can dig deeper in our hearts and remember that Word when something like this happens again.

Bottom line: People of God, when we see someone “acting up”, we really want to avoid reacting to the outburst, rather should seek to get to the root of the issue. So, let’s ask the Lord what the best way is to minister to them! Whether through a quiet prayer, conversation, scripture sharing, a tract (my mom says I should have given her one :-D) or witnessing, in all we do, we want God to be glorified, the people we are witnessing to and those in the vicinity are edified, His name magnified and that enemy horrified! Someone needs to know that Jesus IS the answer for ALL of life’s troubles. Amen? Amen!

So BCU Fam, that’s my story! What are your thoughts about the can of ugly that was opened up on me? Please scroll on down to the comments section and let’s continue our conversation!

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6 thoughts on “Attention passengers: Can of ugly opened in seat 13C!

  1. Whooooo boy! Air travel can (and does) bring out the worst in people, and I find myself praying OFTEN that God would help me represent Him well. Someone shifted my bag once, which made it look like it didn’t fit anymore. Before I had a chance to say something, another passenger spoke up to the flight attendant – who then moved the bag of the passenger who’d tried to “usurp” me. I’ve become a bit more vigilant and vocal (when necessary) regarding carry-on storage because I’m extra protective of my CPAP machine.

    While there are a number of “jerks” on planes, I’ve found that they are usually outnumbered by people who understand that flying requires a lot of extra patience and grace. I’m grateful for that!

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  2. Hi Nilwona!

    Really?! What is with this “usurping” spirit? Why would you mishandle another person’s bag intentionally? Let me tell you—I thank God He takes care of us, so we do not have to act out in the flesh, otherwise, ALL kinds of “acting out” videos would be floating over “the internets!” #NoBueno

    I TRIPLE-LOVE this line you wrote– “I find myself praying OFTEN that God would help me represent Him well.” That is the PERFECT way to live our lives anyway, but especially in times of conflict.

    Thank you VERY much for stopping by and commenting! Stop by anytime! 🙂




  3. Comment from S. Quales via Facebook
    First, I love your title. LOL! And, yes, I probably would have felt like you: Did that just happen? The easy thing would have been to just scream at her, but you’re right, you would have probably been tossed. People are selfish. We’re that way by nature. The issue is what are we going to do. Love your story….Read this. Funny!


  4. Comment from T. Maberry via Facebook: Your response to the crazed lady should be rewarded!! I applaud you, cuz, for remaining calm. Some of us tend to react right away without taking a thought as to where the crazy is coming from. Of course we KNOW where crazy comes from, but we have to remind ourselves to watch and pray. May God continue to give all of us the grace to forgive…even when others don’t realize the error of their ways! Love you!


  5. Comment from T. Williams via Facebook:
    You responded beautifully through patience and prayer😘. I am reading a book now on how to grow more in the fruit of the spirit. The truth of the matter it is needed most in those “trying and testing” times so that God is gloried and we rejoice in our suffering. Blessings!


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