BCU Youth Squad interview: Kierra Hannon (part 2).

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Typically, you have the option of listening to our podcast, reading the notes or both. For this post, because of the interview format, please tune into the podcast recording and refer to the written post for the highlights. We pray the post blesses and encourages you. If so, please thumbs up AND leave a comment! Thank you and enjoy the post!

Podcast highlights:

So thanks to our awesome God, we’ve aded a brand new segment to the BCU line-up–the BCU Youth Squad! This platform is designed for us to find out to what the younger generations have on their minds. As adults, we may not always agree with their thoughts and sometimes we need to correct, inform, reprove, teach or do nothing. ALL the time  we need to LISTEN, PRAY and do what GOD says, so we can get the perfect result.

Special guest: Kierra Grace Hannon

So last time we were together, we talked with now 19-year-old, North Carolina native Kierra G. Hannon, who kicked off our first BCU Youth Squad podcast by talking about her spiritual foundation, life in college and scriptures she’s been meditating on. This week, we’re talking about music..and how it can effect your spirit. Listen in!

I know, we left you with cliffhanger! Please stay tuned for part three of our interview! Until then, what are your thoughts on secular music? Do you notice if music alters your mood? Or do you have any questions for Kierra? Please head over to the comment section so we can continue the conversation or connect with Kierra on Instagram on energtically_me .

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Thank you SO much for stopping by. God bless, keep and make His face to shine upon you as you #StayOnTheWall!



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