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Series: The called according to His purpose–part 6

Listen/read up to the Word of God reminding us we are a holy nation and a peculiar people.

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Series: The called according to His purpose (part 2 )

Hey BCU family, Please enjoy the condensed audio podcast (by clicking on the icon below), read through written format or do both! Be encouraged in the Lord! Last time,  we talked about being grounded (attached to the Foundation—Jesus) and ROOTED (having deepness) in WHO God says we are, rather than being tossed about with what the world, the adversary, TV, “Bubba and dem” and anyone else says contrary to Word of God. We explored part of Romans 8, which reminded us we were: 1)No condemnation 2)Walkers in the Spirit 3)Sons/Children of God 4)We are heirs/join heirs yet we suffer 5)And in all of that, we are the CALLED according to His purpose. God called/summoned/appointed YOU out to and chose this life, situation, issue, blessing, family, friends, job, neighborhood, church, co-workers, skin tone, personality, gifts, talents, everything for a deliberate result that pleases Him. For it is God what works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13).  With the grace of God, we need to embrace the plan God has for us…it’s MUCH better than …

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