Series: The called according to His purpose (part 2 )

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Last time,  we talked about being grounded (attached to the Foundation—Jesus) and ROOTED (having deepness) in WHO God says we are, rather than being tossed about with what the world, the adversary, TV, “Bubba and dem” and anyone else says contrary to Word of God. We explored part of Romans 8, which reminded us we were:

1)No condemnation
2)Walkers in the Spirit
3)Sons/Children of God
4)We are heirs/join heirs yet we suffer
5)And in all of that, we are the CALLED according to His purpose.

God called/summoned/appointed YOU out to and chose this life, situation, issue, blessing, family, friends, job, neighborhood, church, co-workers, skin tone, personality, gifts, talents, everything for a deliberate result that pleases Him. For it is God what works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13).  With the grace of God, we need to embrace the plan God has for us…it’s MUCH better than any plan we could come up with ourselves.

So looking at verses 29-30, God says, He knew us and chose or called us to be conformed in Christ’s image. That takes some SERIOUS suffering in the flesh–for us to mortify the deeds of the flesh. But God marked us out before hand, justified (acquitted or freed us from condemnation) and glorified (honored/exalted) us to a glorious rank or position in Him.
So God calls us…

6) Called/chosen
7) Justified
8) Glorified

Verse 31-32—it’s like Paul says with all of this—what else can we say except NOW—We have God on our side!!! ONE is a majority with God. The heart of the king is in the hand of the Lord…HE turns hearts the way HE wants to (Proverbs 21:1). HE in in control..we are His children and He is for us.  Additionally, He didn’t spare Jesus—delivered Him up for us so we can freely receive all things.

9) Verses  33-34 remind us again, that we are justified/acquitted. No one can charge us with anything—we are free from condemnation.

10) God calls us loved. Verse 35 declares, “who can separate us from the love of Christ? These storms in verse 35, does not change God’s love for us, nor should it change our love for Him.  Psalms 44 and Romans 8: 36 says we killed all day—accounted as sheep for the slaughter—we walk in the Spirit, laying our flesh down and doing what God says—We are led by the Spirit of God and yes, that can be TRYING. But the next verse offers us is a fixed fight!

11) In verse 37, God calls us more than conquerors (prevail mightily) through Christ who loved us! YES!!!!!

On top of that Paul ends his letter with confirming NO situation—death, life, angels, principalities, things present, to come, height, depth or any other creature shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord!

The LOVE bond is strong and because of the love, we are able to stand in the times of the storm—knowing all things are working for what? For good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose. His intended outcome!

Let’s review….who does God say we are?

No condemnation
Walkers in the Spirit
Sons/ Children of God
We are heirs/join heirs
We suffer
We are called
More than conquerors

BCU Family, this concludes part 2 of our “The called” study. I pray that this Word take root in your heart and keep you upright in the days ahead.  Join us next time for part 3, where we take a look at 1 Peter chapter 2:9 where we continue to study who God says we are.
Thank you for tuning in and sharing, may God bless you, and until the next time we’re together, #StayOnTheWall.



Series: The called according to His purpose (part 1)


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Before we get into our study, let’s get some foundational principals down. Romans 8:28 is a familiar passage of Scripture that reminds us “…that all things work together for good to them that love God and are the called according to His purpose”. When this is said in a church setting, while the Spirit of God is high, it usually evokes an heavy agreeance, sometimes emotional response and we leave feeling invincible!

In the days coming after that, the enemy will bring a temptation, trial, or situation where we forget the Word we were told and start going to God seeking asylum from the situation, fussing, murmuring or doubting He even cares.

It happens to the best of us, myself included, and in praying to God about that, we need to reinforce our foundation. In Luke 6:47-49, Jesus says that whoever comes to Him, hears His words and does them, he is like the man who build a house and DIGGED DEEP, AND laid the foundation on a rock. So when the flood came and the stream beat vehemently on the house it could not be shaken, because it was founded on a rock. Conversely, those that hear and do not follow the word, is like a man that built a house without a foundation—just on the soil or earth. Who the stream beat vehemently (the flood did not even get a chance to come) the house immediately fell and the run was great. Family, we have to DIG DEEP and make sure our foundation is on solid ROCK. That starts with Jesus on the inside—Acts 2:38-39 is the foundation to build on—all other ground is sinking sand!!!!

So with the Holy Ghost on the inside, in addition to attending a good Bible-believing, Spirit-filled house of prayer, we need a steady diet of prayer, the Word and application of the Word. The application is important–remember in Luke 6, Jesus said whoever… hears and does His word (James 1:22-23 says the same), that Word helps us to stand in the storms of life. This is why we need to know who God says we are and believe it. If you are ill-prepared or get caught out in a storm, the enemy presents situations where you doubt who God says you are— victorious, more than a conqueror—and are likely to make decisions based on emotions and immediate, temporary need, versus hearing what the Word of God says. If we are not careful, we get taken full advantage of! Think about how many decisions we regret because of not heeding the Word of God—not trusting on who He is, or in who He says we are?

This is where we need to dig deep—and get GROUNDED and ROOTED in who God says we are. Grounded is a builders term..meaning ATTACHED to the foundation—not propped up, securely attached forever. Rooted refers to stability—the deeper the roots the stronger the plant. This was we know who we are in the happy AND the trying times! Amen? Amen!

We really need to take the entire book of Romans into account, but for time’s sake, we’ll reference as much as we can here, and you all can read throughout the week.

Paul wrote this letter to the Christian Romans who started this church made up of a mix of Jews and Gentiles. This is important because many of the Jews still went by the law and in some of the New Testament, expected the Gentiles to do the same (eating certain foods, circumcision things like that). Chapters 1-3 speak on the facts of the gospel, chapters 3-5 on how we are justified in Christ, chapter 6 about how we are free from the power of sin. Chapter 7 speaks of being free from the law, and in chapter 8, reminds us of the love of Christ, how He frees us from sin and who we are in Him. Rather than just say we are the called, we have to see why and what else goes along with that calling. Let’s begin!

1) We are NO longer condemned

Verse 1 reminds us those who are in Christ Jesus, filled with His Spirit and walk in it– we are no longer condemned or penalized.

Let’s talk about walk—the Greek word is peri/peteo meaning conduct my life, to live, to be occupied with. Keep that in mind.

So Spirit-filled people, our penalty has been paid and we are not to feel guilty or ashamed, nor do we let people make us feel badly about who we used to be! A couple of years ago, I was reunited with old friends and one said “do you know what I remember about you? The Lord already dropped in my heart she would recall some unsavory detail about my B.C. (before Christ) days. Immediately I said something like, “oh, girl that was before I knew the Lord!” The crowd laughed and she never did tell me what it was. As far is the east is from the west, is how far my transgressions are removed from me (Psalm 103:12).

2) We walkers in the Spirit

Verses 2-4 reminds us if we are following after the Spirit, we are not practicing or sinning intentionally and over and over again. While we stumble or make mistakes, we do not use that as an excuse to continue willfully sinning. When we choose to continue to sin or walk in the flesh (lying, adultery, fornication, drunkeness, envy, idolatry, witchcraft, wrath, jealousy, lewdness Galatians 5:19-21), condemnation or punishment awaits. The condemnation is that you will NOT inherit or enter into the kingdom of God.

We are free from the law of sin, and the death it brings because of Jesus dying for us on the cross—He paid that penalty. So our mission with God’s help is to continue to walk in the Spirit so that we don’t walk in the flesh—acting out carnally rather than what Jesus would have us to do. For if we live after the flesh we will die (be eternally separated from God) but if through the Spirit we do mortify (make dead) the deeds of the body, we will live (eternally in Heaven with God).

2a) Our business is minding things after the Spirit—verse 5 is clear, there are only two sides, you either mind things of the flesh or of the Spirit. If you are Holy Ghost filled, we mind the things of the Spirit—what God says.

2b) And as a result we have life and peace (v6) rather than death. Think about the peace that comes with having Jesus on the inside and walking with Him. Mark 4:35-31 tells the story of Jesus being asleep in the back of the ship when a great storm of wind and waves beat on the ship full of disciples. After they panicked and woke Him, He just said Peace, be still. And the calm came about. That’s the God we serve—the one who wants us to lay down and sleeping peacefully, even in the midst of the storm. So while this doesn’t speak to who He says we are, because we have Him, we get these benefits. But wait, there’s more!

2c)We have power through the Spirit. In verses 7-13, Paul emphasizes that while walking/conducting your life in the flesh you cannot please God, do not have the Spirit and you are none of His. We that have the Spirit inside, so He gives us life through the Spirit and power over being dictated by the flesh. Paul repeats this several times, apparently as a warning to ensure we do not continue in sin—otherwise we die. Stay in the Spirit and live.

3) We are the sons of God

Verse 14 says we are the sons or children of God (those led by the Spirit).

We are not in bondage to fear—we’ve been grafted into the family—adopted by Christ. In the Roman culture, anyone adopted now identified with the new family, took on their ways, and had all rights, privileges, and shared in the inheritance. Similarly, we are no longer a part of the adversary’s family, and no longer practice His ways. We gave up the trick inheritance and shaky, temporary, deadly promises he offered, for the TRUE inheritance, promises, and privileges God promises. We can now say Abba Father! (translated meaning Daddy—what young children call their father). It marks a close intimate relationship where there is complete trust. As young children, we trusted our parents. That’s the way we should trust God. Also, the Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God. This is significant, BCU Family!

People claim to be children of God quite a bit, but you just cannot walk in any ol’ way and label yourself as a child of God. No siree, Bob! This is a privilege reserved for those who have Jesus down on the inside. The Holy Spirit bears witness with our spirit that WE ARE THE CHILDREN OF GOD! Let the redeemed say SO!!!!!! We KNOW who OUR FATHER is!!!!

Lift up your heads, O ye gates! We know who the King of Glory is!!!! Rejoice everyone!

4) We heirs of God and joint heirs of Christ

4a) While that is wonderful, that “heir-ship” comes with a cost. Still in the royal family, looking at verses 17 and 18–we can’t expect “royal” treatment in this present world—as joint-heirs in Christ, suffering is a part of our walk, but what we go through now, pales in comparison to the glory in us!  Don’t let that situation steal your joy—what’s coming is what’s better than what’s been, verse 18 says so!

Verses 19-23 talk about how we want to be with Jesus, we just have to wait and in the meantime, The Spirit makes intercession, according to the will of God for us during the suffering times. Paul through Christ is preparing us for the fact that trials will come. All the things we’ve learned before —no condemnation, walking in the Spirit, the power we have, being part of the royal family we’ve been adopted into and the heir-ship, NONE of that goes away when tough times come. Jesus is His Word and it is true no matter what season we are in!

That brings is to our 5th point–we are THE CALLED according to His purpose!

For we know that all things work together for the good—to them that LOVE God (we love Him, and we are a doer of that by walking in the Spirit, thereby keeping His commandments), and are the called—according to His purpose.

The word called comes from the Greek word, klesis meaning invited. Purpose means deliberate, intended result. So our God called/summoned/appointed YOU out to and chose this life, situation, issue, blessing, family, friends, job, neighborhood, church, co-workers, skin tone, personality, gifts, talents, everything for a deliberate result that pleases Him! For it is God what works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure (Philippians 2:13). So it’s in our best interest to embrace what God has for us with His grace. It is all for a deliberate result—sometimes we see and understand it right away, other times later on, and sometimes not on this side of Heaven. Our duty….is to trust our Abba Father!

Well Family, we’ve come to the end of our study for today! I know it was getting good to you–I know it was for me! The next time we’re together, let’s plan on finishing up Romans chapter 8.

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May God bless, make His face to shine upon you and until the next time we’re together, #StayOnTheWall!





Special: Invite and encouragement

Hey BCU family,

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So allow me to explain what’s going on outside of Due to the urging and encouragement of a few of my dear family and friends,  last month we started an online Bible study in real time! Yes, indeed!! And all of you under the sound of my voice (and any of your friends and family who are not currently listening) are invited to participate! Yes, the study is open to ANYONE who wants to study the Word of God, as our goal at is to help encourage all the people of God to stay on the wall!

For all interested in the study, you’ll need a mobile device (telephone, tablet, etc.) and to download an free app called “Periscope”, then follow BlenCouragesU. When the study starts, you will get a notification–just click the “ok” or affirmative answer and voila, you’ll see and hear the study live! If you’d like to communicate with me, you’d type your question/comment on your screen and I’ll respond verbally with God’s help. Right now, we are meeting on Thursday evenings at 8:00pm EST, and the study runs until 9pm or so. Again all are welcome!

Our current study the Lord blessed us with is entitled “The called according to His purpose” and is based from Romans 8 and I Peter 2. For the last couple of weeks (February 4 & 11, 2016) , we’ve talked about who GOD SAYS we are. For example, we are no longer condemned, HIS children,  we are loved by Him, we suffer, but we are more than conquerors. It is important to KNOW in our hearts WHO GOD says we are, so when the winds of suffering blow, we can stay rooted in the what GOD says and continue to what? Yes..stay on the wall for whatever God has called us to do.

That brings us to the poem and the verse that inspired it. Romans 8:28 reminds us that “we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.”  This verse is sometimes easier to quote when things are going well in our lives, and harder to remember and walk in when the dark days (and Romans 8:18 assures us we will have some) come and stay for a while.  My very wise cousin, Tanyel once explained once that the individual ingredients of a let’s say a cookie–the  eggs, flour, salt, sugar, oatmeal, etc., do not taste good separately at all. But putting the ingredients all together and baking them, the final outcome is delicious!  We need to have some of the mountain highs, valley lows, joy, sadness, trials and triumph all mixed together and baked or tried in the fiery furnace, for the purpose that God choses in His infinite wisdom for His beloved “The called”.  We may find out the purpose right away, later on, or maybe never, but we trust God know what He is doing and in spite of whatever is going on, He is with and loves us.  Here is the introduction and the poem courtesy of *Southwood Presbyterian Church’s site:

The Weaving

One of my favorite pictures of God’s working in our lives, especially during hard times, is the picture of God weaving a beautiful tapestry together with both light and dark colors (joyful and sorrowful times). On this side of heaven, though, we stand behind the tapestry and usually see only the knotted ends and frayed edges of what God is doing. If we could get “on the other side” of the tapestry, we could see God doing something beautiful, but we live on the underside with painful circumstances and God’s purposes unclear.


This image comes from a poem of unknown origin that was popularized by Corrie Ten Boom (author of The Hiding Place). 

My life is but a weaving
between my Lord and me,
I cannot choose the colors
He worketh steadily.

Oft times He weaveth sorrow
And I, in foolish pride,
Forget He sees the upper,
And I the under side.

Not til the loom is silent
And the shuttles cease to fly,
Shall God unroll the canvas
And explain the reason why.

The dark threads are as needful
In the Weaver’s skillful hand,
As the threads of gold and silver
In the pattern He has planned.

He knows, He loves, He cares, nothing this truth can dim. He gives His very best to those who leave the choice with Him.

Beautifully said, right BCU Family? Yes indeed. I pray this blessed your heart and encourages you through the storm you may be facing or, may offer some “explanation” if you are wondering why you went through rough times in the past. God is a present help and will bring you through it or  if your trial has finished Hw brought your through it–victoriously. After all, God said we are more than conquerors through Him that loves us (Romans 8:31).

As we get ready to close out this post, Lord will, our next Periscope Bible study is on February 18th, 2016, so please follow the above directions, set a reminder on your devices and join us if you can!  Also, look for “The Called” study notes and possible video/more than likely podcast to come out here on over the next few weeks!

In the meantime thank you for tuning in, sharing, commenting and praying for us!  God bless you and until we are together again #StayOnTheWall.


Love you all!




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