Sooo…What are wax melts?

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Show of hands–how many of you have heard of grubby wax melts, tarts, sliceable loafs tarts, tart brittle, chunks? Yes, yes, I was unlearned too, until about a month ago and now I’m a semi-pro–well, on my way.

Last year, I was gifted with a wax warmer and a couple of pumpkin wax melts!!! (Ya’ll know I love pumpkin, right?) So rather than lighting a candle, you just pop a container of scented wax in, plug your warmer in, turn it on and in minutes, your home smells wonderful! Depending on your fancy, there are fruity, tart, clean, herbal and bakery smells–and plenty of combinations in between. Are you wondering how you get your hands on some of this goodness?

You can pick up a wax warmer from most any retailer, like Target, Walmart or even a Family Dollar. Besides the one I received, I purchased second one from a Yankee Candle outlet. As far as the wax melts—you can pick them up at the retailers I just mentioned. Or…you can order them online. Why, you say?

Well, while the store ones are just fine, what  I’ve found is when you order, you get better quality/variety of wax (paraffin is a harder wax that hold on to the scent longer, especially if you don’t melt your wax often and want to hold on to it, soy (a softer wax that may not be as highly scented/scent may not last as long), or beeswax, (a more “natural wax”). Besides that, the variety of scents and combinations are AMAZING! Below are a few faves– in no particular order.


I HIGHLY recommend Her website it easy to navigate and she has many specials, special offers, and a HUGE variety to choose from–all very reasonable. She also shipped pretty quickly and I want to say I was able to get 3-4 days of good “scentage” before I had to change out my wax (currently, I pour it into a jar. I want to get some wicks and make a candle–hey–why waste it?) Her Baguette melt smells JUST like fresh bread. What I may do is mix in one of her coffee wax melts with it and just inhale the deliciousness!

*Inhale and smile*
*Inhale and smile

Next would be She offers FREE shipping and is constantly updating her fragrance options. Initially, for me, her site was a little overwhelming and took a little time to navigate because she offers her scents based on what’s most popular at the moment. Once she explained that, I was fine. Make no mistake, she has LARGE inventory, ships quickly, offers a discount right off and is a BELIEVER in CHRIST! Every email she sends with the new scents for the week has a Scripture closing out the email. I LOVE that! Her scents are strong and long-lasting–I’d say 2-3 days, depending on which one I use. I’m still working my way through my order, but the Fruity-Loops speaks to me–you hear me?! Smells SO DELICIOUS!

LOVE the combos she uses!
LOVE the combos she  uses!

Last, but not least AT ALL is a Facebook find, Kimri Anne’s Wax Group. I’m new to the group, but she’s a custom small business who has a queue for customers to get a custom order. In the meantime she’ll offer chunks of “overpour” wax  and various ready to ship items. Recently she had a “flash sale” with ten sliceable 4-5oz  sized “funky” wax chunks for a set price. I can tell you that I am melting a Captain Crunch Boo-Berry para-soy chunk and it smells JUST like the cereal we all know and love. In fact, a friend of mine stopped over exclaimed how good it smelled in my living room after barely getting in the door! I think I’m going day three with the same YUMMY chunk of wax melting. I CANNOT wait for my name to come up to custom order!

Bottom line: Now that you are in the know, it’s time to upgrade from the plug-ins we’ve gotten used to and get into the wax melt game. With the holidays coming up, purchase for yourself and some of the folks on your list–you will not be sorry! You are welcome. 🙂

God bless you and thanks for reading!


Can you really detox in 7 days? Read on….

Hey there Family!

So, everyone can use a little detoxing in their lives, right? Yes, even if you “run on” Jesus (we all should be full of Jesus), occasionally we need to purge ourselves in the natural, because sometimes, those things can effect us spiritually.

Take a look at this infographic (courtesy of infographic and see what areas may be helpful to you. As you are reading through the info, please note that while all areas may not be applicable to you, just like a restaurant menu, you know what to choose and glance over, right? Right!  There really is some good stuff here, folks. Apply liberally.

You are very welcome! 🙂

Much love and God bless,


Health alert– High Fructose Corn Syrup

Hey fam,

Awhile back there were a series of television commercials touting the benefits of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). You’ll find this ingredient in many pre-packaged foods, mainly (but not always) as a sugar substitute. The following infographic lays out key info so you can make an informed decision.

Let me know what you think and thanks for stopping by!



Infographic: The Benefits of Drinking Water

Hey Family,

With the heat and humidity of summer in full swing, our thirst increases as we try to cool down. With the plethora of beverages to choose from, “high-quality H2O” should be your beverage of choice. Check out the cool visual on water and drink up!



Benefits of Drinking Water - Free InfoGraphic

InfoGraphic authored by WaterCoolers Ltd, selling Water Coolers,
Fountains and Filters in the UK. To view the original post, see the original
Benefits of Drinking Water InfoGraphic

Groovy Green Smoothies (again)

Hey family,

If you’re like me, you strapped on the feedbag on Thanksgiving..

and it’s been on ever since! As a result and since 2014 is fast approaching, you may be aflutter about eating better. Let’s make things easy, shall we?

In between the rolls, cakes and other assorted goodies, I’ve still been consuming my green smoothies. As a reminder, these nutrient-dense treats help to take the edge off the hunger and nourish you at the same time. It’s an easy habit to begin and you’ll actually start craving them once you start. Here’s a cool infographic to get your started..I use Almond Milk as my base, but you can use whatever works best for you. Experiment and enjoy!

Here’s to a healthier 2014!





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