Singles Chalkboard: Interview with Se’Fana Samples (part 2).

Listen in as the Lord uses Se'Fana Samples to check ourselves on being single.


Something on the inside…

Hey family! It's been another minute! I was compelled not to let 2011 go and 2012 come without a comment! 😀 So, a little while back, I watched a show* where a young girl was this close to relaxing her curly hair because a boy liked her hair that way. Long story short, it turned … Continue reading Something on the inside…

“Fraidy cat” no longer!

Hey all, I "wrassled" with something recently and I thought I'd "share with the class". Maybe someone has a similar issue.. I have an acquaintance we'll call "Jamie" who I thank God for. Jamie has a penchant for being very talkative to the point where 1) you can't get a word in edgewise 2) the … Continue reading “Fraidy cat” no longer!

Table for….one

Hi everyone! I mentioned in a previous post I'm reading a book called "The Young Lady in Waiting" (Kendall & Jones, 2008), that gives a biblical perspective and encouragement to those in God's waiting room. A question was posed to a woman who was single after ten years out of college: "what helps you to … Continue reading Table for….one

Love on the dot com?

Hi there ladies! I picked up a WONDERFUL book last week entitled  The Young Lady in Waiting by Jackie Kendall and Debby Jones.  This is a practical, scripturally based book of encouragement for women of ANY age who are awaiting the Lord to bless them with a husband, if that is His will. I plan … Continue reading Love on the dot com?