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Overcoming people approval! Lessons from Nehemiah (Part 2)

Nehemiah is on the move to survey damage and get a plan together for the wall rebuild keeping it on the hush. Find out why we sharing is not always caring.

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Series: starts in the heart!

Hey BCU family, As usual, please enjoy the audio podcast (click on the icon below), the written transcript, or both! In either case, God bless you as you read, hear and apply the Word of God. As we begin, think about a crowded refrigerator—I don’t know about you, but cleaning out the fridge is my least favorite chore!  If you don’t stay on top of it, things start to accumulate! Things like the containers with the leftover ziti, or a half of rotisserie chicken, or the package of ground turkey–those are big, up front and easy to see. Then, there are some of the other things, like that half carton of pork fried rice, the small bowl of cooked carrots you intended to eat or the carton of flavored creamer that was not your favorite. And let’s not forget the old orange or dried up potato that rolled in the back, the spilled milk, the mystery packages that have cake from the last church function (somehow that fell between the 2nd shelf and veggie crisper), …

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Learn from the burn….

Hey family! I was flying down the highway at 65 m.p.h (well maybe closer to 70-ish), on my way to my family’s dinner. I sped along, it seemed like the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out a posted sign that said “Speed limit 55”. I apologized to God and tried to follow the laws of the land. As I attempted to slow my roll, the other vehicles whizzed on by me without any regard to the sign. The thought came to me that everyone else was going over the limit and not getting caught…why should I obey? Then there was the “keeping up with the flow of traffic” reasoning. And when discussing this with a friend, in the spirit of justification, she said “well, the police would have to pull everyone over–they were all breaking the law.” Ummm yes, that will go over well with the officer–NOT! Looking at this on a natural level, there are a couple of lessons in this. First, as people of God, unless the laws are in …

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