Overcoming people approval! Lessons from Nehemiah (Part 2)

Nehemiah is on the move to survey damage and get a plan together for the wall rebuild keeping it on the hush. Find out why we sharing is not always caring.


Singles Chalkboard: Interview with Se’Fana Samples (part 2).

Listen in as the Lord uses Se'Fana Samples to check ourselves on being single.

Series: #SpeechTherapy..it starts in the heart!

Hey BCU family, As usual, please enjoy the audio podcast (click on the icon below), the written transcript, or both! In either case, God bless you as you read, hear and apply the Word of God. As we begin, think about a crowded refrigerator—I don’t know about you, but cleaning out the fridge is my … Continue reading Series: #SpeechTherapy..it starts in the heart!

Learn from the burn….

Hey family! I was flying down the highway at 65 m.p.h (well maybe closer to 70-ish), on my way to my family's dinner. I sped along, it seemed like the Lord tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out a posted sign that said "Speed limit 55". I apologized to God and tried to follow … Continue reading Learn from the burn….