Does your heart need healing?

Your heart can be healed

Hey all,

I didn’t post last week (please forgive me) but I have a few ideas roaming around in my head and I think I will start with this one. This is something I penned years ago out of my heart and I recently found it again. So many young ones (and not so young) are going through for love when Jesus took care of that for us all. I thought I would share an excerpt with you.

There was a time I wasn’t free
There was a time I was hurting
There was a time I was being hurt
It was mental, it was physical
It was from someone who said, but “Bay, you know I love you”.

I was bound in bondage–at the time I didn’t know
The enemy had this sabotage planned
in order to forever claim my soul.

I went through life trying to mask the pain
A voice telling me I was to blame
I wasn’t good enough I needed to improve
Then he’s really love me–hey, that’s a good move.

But even with this brand new me
The changes I mad that all else could see
Wasn’t good enough for he
I was still being lied to, he’s still cheating on me

But the prayers of my parents and loved ones and friends
didn’t fall on deaf ears, for God heard and saw my pain.
And He wanted to dry my tears.

After leaving from that mess, a new freedom I’m on
I could be myself, the healing could begin
I let that bad man out of my life and let Jesus in.

To forgive me, love me and show me love.
That unconditional agape amour that comes from above
To show me how to forgive and love others, too.
And to learn to love myself and all that I do.

Love my skin, my lips, and my hair
Learn from my past mistakes, and with others I’ll share
The real way to love us yes, though a man,
His name is JESUS– it’s part of His divine plan.

To let us know to love Him first.
Trust Him to give us what we need–including a man
A real man who will love, honor and cherish me correctly
Like the beautiful, unique queen that I am.

I want women everywhere to know that true love starts and ends with Christ. He can heal your broken heart and make you whole again. He desires to fulfill all your needs, we just have to wait on Him–it’s not easy, but totally worth it. Be encouraged!



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Just an average girl. Saved by and serving an AWESOME God who assigned me to help encourage His people to #StayOnTheWall.

5 thoughts on “Does your heart need healing?

    1. Thanks, Tamisha– To God be the glory for the words He gave me. I pray it bless someone today! God bless you for stopping by and commenting! Love you!


  1. Wow!!! The Lord touched me as I read this! HEALING is taken place through words like this. God Bless You



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